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UID Registration Desk

The registration desk will be located on the third floor of the meeting space, in the JW Grand Ballroom Foyer. The desk will be open on Saturday, March 08: 5pm – 7:30pm and then on Sunday - Tuesday: 7am – 4:30pm 


001     Marketing Strategies [Deist] Morning
002     Pricing Strategies [Deist] Afternoon
003     Decide:  Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress, and Lead by Example [McClatchy] Morning 
004     Know More! Selling [Richter] Afternoon
005     SWAT Team Selling - Leading Your Team to a Competitive Advantage [Pancero] NEW
006     Creating a Competitive Distinction [Underhill]
007     Channel Management As a Tool to Create a Competitive Advantage [Marks] Morning  NEW
008     Growing into an International Market [Marks] Afternoon NEW


010     Preparing for 2020: The Manager’s Guide to Dealing with the New Workplace [Newton] Morning  NEW
011     Strategic Planning for Distributors [Grover]  Afternoon  NEW
012     The Power of the Spoken Word [Boyd] Morning
013     Stop Marketing Like it’s 1999! [DeStefano] Afternoon
014     Improving the Bottom Line [Bates]

Cloud & Mobile Computing – Two Trends You Can’t Ignore [Gusdorf] Morning



    Managing the Account Portfolio [Monoky] Afternoon
017     Mergers & Acquisitions:  How They Affect the Competitive Landscape [Marks] Morning  NEW

Mergers & Acquisitions:  Deal Structure and Value Creation [Marks]   Afternoon  NEW


Proving Total Cost Savings [Underhill


020     Branch and Operations Effectiveness for Distributors [Workman]
021     Sales Performance by Design [Monoky]
022     Getting Paid for Service Value? [Merrifield]

Planning and Managing the Distributorship for Greater Profits [Rice]

024     Hiring the Right Salespeople [Ellers] Morning
025     Improving Profitability Thru Joint Sales Calls [Ellers] Afternoon
026     Value - Added Selling [Reilly]



Personnel Productivity Improvement [Newton]


Creating a Winning Marketing Plan [McQuiston] Morning


Increasing Your Sales Force’s ‘EQ’ [McQuiston] Afternoon

030     Negotiation Skills for Distributors [Schatzki]
031     New Process of Distribution Sales Management [Ellers]
032     One Day Branch Manager’s Workshop [Ambrose
033     Advanced Achieving Effective Inventory Control [Schreibfeder] NEW

Special Notes

Registrants are not permitted to change course selection on site or better known as “class jumping”. To prevent “class jumping” (attending classes you are not signed up for), each attendee’s confirmed class numbers will appear on your name badge as well as on your confirmation.

Attire at UID is business casual. Average March temperature is 40 - 45°.

UID Welcome Happy Hour

Plan to join the UID faculty and staff at a Welcome Happy Hour, to be held at the High Velocity Sports Bar in the JW Marriott, Sunday, March 9 from 5-6 pm. Arrive wearing your favorite team jersey and unwind with cocktails, appetizers and networking.


For your convenience, the registration fee includes a continental breakfast, a buffet-style lunch and morning & afternoon snacks from Sunday, March 9 through Wednesday, March 12.

Dinner is the responsibility of the registrant. In addition to room service, the JW Marriott Indianapolis offers two full service restaurants and a sports bar. The hotel is also walking distance to a variety of excellent dining and night life options in downtown Indianapolis.