Using Books to Help Build
a Child’s Coping Skills

Bobby’s Books is a program that uses books to help children and adults deal with difficult issues. Using children's literature as a springboard for conversations will give kids the chance to express their feelings and tell their own stories.

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I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand...A Child's Guide to Grief and Loss
Dr. Pat Palmer

I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand

A best friend has moved away, Dad no longer lives with the family, or a favorite pet has died. This warm, comforting book gently helps grieving children identify their feelings and learn to accept and deal with them.

This books discusses the reality you feel when you lose someone. It helps to reinforce that you are not alone. It can often validate for a child a sense of understanding when they feel that no one knows what they are going through. It helps them to identify their feelings in an effort to express them.

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