What is Bobby's Books?

The Bobby's Books program was created by Pam Krenzke, our colleague and friend, who died in January 2006. She was the Coordinator of Education at the Ohio Hospice & Palliative Care Organization and Founder of Bobby's Books, developed in memory of her son, Bobby Krenzke.

Childhood is a wonderful time. A child embraces the joy of each day. Sometimes though, sadness, fear, illness and loss enter a child's life. If you know a child who had to make such a journey, would you know how to help?

One way is to use children's books to help kids deal with difficult issues, such as a childhood illness, death of a parent or grandparent, death of a pet or friend or even divorce and other family issues. Using children's literature as a springboard for conversations will give kids the chance to express their feelings and tell their own stories.

It is also important that children have access to a variety of books that show a broad range of emotions and feelings. This helps kids see that they can act independently, assume responsibility for their actions, tolerate frustration, approach new challenges with enthusiasm, and be proud of their accomplishments.

Use books that help kids feel good about themselves. Use a book and conversation to help a child deal with a change in routine or the death of a pet. Use everyday happenings to build a child's coping skills. Keep reading. Keep talking.

You and your child will both benefit.

The Bobby's Books Program is comprised of multiple resources designed to give a foundation of support to children and adults who experience grief and loss issues. The true focus of the Bobby's Books Program is to serve as a proactive resource to the community to gain a better support system for our children and those who care for them. The core of the Bobby's Books Program is comprised of the following tools.

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Common Questions About Bobby's Books

Is Bobby's Books a non-profit? YES! Bobby's Books is a program under the direction of the Midwest Center for Home, Hospice and Palliative Care Education, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization located in Dublin, Ohio.

How is it supported? Bobby's Books is supported through grants and public support. The monies earned help support the program to create the materials necessary to make the lesson plan binders, materials for educational seminars and books that are incorporated into the Comfort Care Packages as well as cover administrative costs. To make a donation to the program, CLICK HERE.

What is the difference between the Bobby's Books Top 20 Book Bundle and other books in the program?  The main difference is the Top 20 books were considered some of Pam's favorites and were the 20 books she had written lesson plans for prior to her passing in January 2006. She identified over 250 children's books in all, separating them into 14 different categories of loss. Each book represents its own special message, its own lesson and its own place in the program. Time simply ran out for Pam to develop a lesson plan for each one. It is our goal to create a lesson plan for each book she identified as well as new books to add to the program with the help of our AIMS Committee.  AIMS stands for Academic, Industry, Medicine and Society.  We have professionals in these areas assisting us with identifying literature to add to the program.

For more information

Contact Jennifer Taylor via email jen@bobbysbooks.org or phone (614) 763-0036.


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Hospice of Northwest Ohio is committed to providing support to the children in our community and we have provided Bobby’s Books training to nearly 70 schools in Northwest Ohio reaching to more than 25,000 students.

We are impressed with the Bobby’s Books program and curriculum.  We loved the fact that Pam Krenzke developed this easy to use tool for anyone who has the compassion and desire to help a child, of any age, cope with their grief. 

Bobby’s Books program empowers adults who are providing support to grieving children in a way that is unique to the loss.  The Train the Trainer session was informative, interactive and fun to participate in.  As grief counselors we have an understanding of what grief and loss for children looks like.  What makes the training session unique is it can be attended by anyone whether or not you have formal counseling training.  

The opportunities on how to use this program are endless and is only limited by the creativity of the individual using the program.  Another great tool within this program is the large bibliography offered regarding many types of grief/loss and for a variety of age groups including adults.  We recommend this program for your organization or community.  A must have program!!!

                           Dawn DeFalco, Bereavement Team Leader
                           Hospice of Northwest Ohio

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