The goal of the Bobby's Books Program is to make certain that these tools can be shared with each aspect of our community.  This includes our schools, churches, libraries and various community based organizations.  By reinforcing the lessons associated with the books and the program, you can know that your child is getting the same tools and how to use those tools in every aspect of their life.  Listed below are just a few ways that the Bobby's Books Program has been incorporated into the community to help each child succeed.

The schools can have the greatest impact on reinforcing the lessons you teach at home with the program.  By establishing a parent resource library with the school counselor, which includes at least the Top 20 books and the Bobby's Books Lesson Plan Bundle Binder and Read Aloud Guide, you will have given the school the ability to be the front line when a crisis happens. Proactive education can be the greatest tool available to the counselor to head off any potential problem. Having the educational seminar available to the school community is another way.  There are many more aspects to the school outreach, such as author visits, Project Linus workshops, etc. 

To learn more, contact Jennifer Taylor at, Project Manager, to learn how to bring the Bobby's Books program to your school.

Contact your local library to see if they use the Bobby's Books resources in their summer reading program or story book hours.




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"Our community has been very hard-hit by serious unmet grief support needs, so I am looking forward to doing new things to fill in the gaps in our present child-teen bereavement program by introducing Bobby's Books to local schools, churches, libraries and service organizations.  My "retirement" dream is beginning! 

Thanks for your assistance in making this happen!"

                     ~ Jane Dupree
                        Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado

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