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A Bobby's Books Ambassador is simply a volunteer for the program. You can be a volunteer by reading in schools, churches, libraries to the children some of the books that are incorporat ed in the program. Ask your child's teacher if you can read during story time and then do one of the lesson plans with that book. Learn more about children's grief and how you can help by attending one of the "Don't Flush the Goldfish" seminars or consider becoming an instructor to conduct the seminar in your area by attending the "Train the Trainer" workshop.


What is it all about?  The Bobby's Books Brigade is a service related FUNdraising program for schools. It will allow the children to make a dramatic impact in their community in so many ways and help themselves at the same time.

What do the schoolers do?  Each child gains sponsorship for each book they read (i.e. "Buck a Book"). The money raised from the school will be divided in two ways. Half of the money raised will go to support the Bobby's Books Program, the other half is determined by the children from a list of community opportunities. Some of these opportunities for the children include:

Comfort Care Packages - Working with the Columbus Chapter of Project Linus, the children will donate funds to make blankets for needy children in hospice and palliative care programs across the city and state. Bobby's Books will donate a book to go with the blanket and send this Comfort Care Package to a child in need.

Grief Camp Scholarships- Money can be donated to establish a scholarship for a child to be able to attend the camp who otherwise might not be able to afford it.

Kimie Care Dolls- Kimmie Cares are dolls that help young boys and girls whose mom, grandmother, aunt or sister has been battling with breast cancer. The dolls support the children of cancer so they can help to have a companion for them as a sign of comfort in this difficult time.

Equine Assisted Therapy Camp Scholarship-  Equine assisted therapy works with horses as a form of healing therapy for children. Money donated would establish a scholarship for a needy child to be able to attend the camp without the worry of finding funding.

How does it help our schoolers?  The Bobby's Books Brigade helps our children not only with their personal literacy growth, but teaches them that one person can make a difference. The children help to decide exactly what programs they want to support with the remaining funds earned and who gets what amount. This strengthens their math skills, social responsibility and of course, their literacy all in an effort to impact our community and teach the children that they can do great things.

Bobby's Books Champions are both individual and corporate sponsors for the program. Through monetary support they have shown their commitment to educating our communities about children's grief and making available the tools to help our children move beyond their grief.  To learn how to become a champion, please contact Jennifer Taylor at 614-763-0036 or or CLICK HERE. We need your support!

Your tax deductible donation to the Bobby's Books Program, makes it possible for us to distribute Comfort Care Packages to children in hospice and palliative care programs, establish Resource libraries in schools and offer educational seminars to the community.  We could not do all we do without your vital support! 

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As a bereavement counselor, Bobby’s Books has become my most utilized resource. I share this with other clinicians on a regular basis. Thank you for the work that you continue to do to get this resource out and into the community and most importantly into the minds and hearts of those that benefit from the healing.

Cynthia Schroeder, Hospice of Northwest Ohio

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