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June 1-30, 2013

Don't Neglect Worshipping God During Your Summer Sundays

If the Lord is the Lord of your summer, watch how it will be a summer to remember. While you’re on vacation, put as much planning into finding a good church as you put into finding the right beach. God will bless your time in the sun as you honor the time with his Son.

Every Sunday at Bethel is specially-planned to let the Son shine in. Pastor Mike will be preaching three of the five Sundays in June, as he looks with fresh eyes at the parables of Jesus. Keri Newcomb, our gifted and magnetic Youth Director, will bring a parabolic message of who inherits the kingdom of God on June 9th and on June 23rd our Pastor Emeritus, Ken Lee will deliver his first sermon since his January stroke. (taking a backside look at the parable of the lost sheep).

Pastor Mike and Diane will be worshipping at Lakeside’s Hoover Auditorium as a part of Annual Conference on June 9th and at Temple UMC in San Francisco on June 23rd (11 different nationalities under one roof).

Here is our own Bethel Sunday worship schedule for June. Miss a Sunday and miss a lot.

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