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Weekly Requests

Week of April 19

Bethel Church and Pastors Mike & Miran
Leadership Board (Karen Hopper, John Lee, Gregg Kuck, Lori Hannan, Jeff
    Johnson, Gwen Gloeckner, WooYoung Jung, Dick Thomas, Beth Velas,  
    Sheryl Stoll, Sheila Lovell, Pastor Mike)
Centennial High School (Fran Hershey, principal)
Ridgeview Middle School (Natalie James, principal)
Gables Elementary School (Cheryl Lumpkin, principal)
Winterset Elementary School (Audra Pearson, principal)
Bethel Christian Preschool (Karen Guegold, director)
Pastor Ken Lee and family (stroke rehabilitation)
Korean Students summer mission to India and to CA (Asian refugees)
Peggy Schilling (broken bones from fall)
John & Bonnie St. Germain (safe travel to their son, Jared’s wedding)
Pat Dawson (healing from her fall)
Caroline Funt (recovery from cancer surgery)
Sheryl Stoll (recovery from sinus surgery in Texas)
Nancy Davy (recovery from surgery for cracked leg rod)
Judy Tackett (serious pulmonary and heart issues)
Sandy Dunlap (chemo treatments)
Cindy (Sandy Madwar’s sister; praise for her surgery)
Kumar & Cumi Jeyakumar (safe travels to Sri Lanka)
Jeff Smith (recovery from open heart surgery)
David Givens (brain tumor)
Allen Chapman (troubled life)
Jean Zeiglar (back in hospital, had brain tumor removed a year ago)
Clyde Putnam (Barb Maxwell’s brother, melanoma)
Alex Littleton (Velas’ nephew, nodules on lungs)
Antoinette Neal’s family
Marilyn Rutherford & family (going through troubled time)
Anna Grimm (hip surgery)
Linda Duffy (breast cancer 4 month of chemo treatments)
Ervin (major back problems and only in his 20s)
Myra (friend of Susan Place - at the James with multiple myeloma)
Megan Curry (leukemia)
Debbie Beach’s Family
The Wilson family
Dr. Bill Shiels (friend of Mark & Heidi King )
Laura Brack
Julie Delahunty & family
Joe Adams and family
George King (Mark King’s father)
Lois Zell
Monica’s grandfather (liver and colon cancer)
Herb Abel’s niece, Michaela (MS)
Marion Cross (job search)
Amy (addiction)
Kevin Ying (find the right lab at OSU)
Ben & Nellie Kirkbride (neighbor to Ethel Cornish, stroke & blood pressure)
Robert Ridge (Barb Maxwell’s grandson, deployed to Afghanistan)
Ali Schutte (Alyssa Pratt’s 4-yr-old cousin w/stage 4 cancer; 18 mos chemo)
Barb Adams (dementia issues and for caretaker-daughter, Lisa O’Dell)
Ethel Cornish’s daughter, Arnette (going back to school)



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