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Weekly Requests

Week of June 28

Bethel Church and Pastors Mike & Miran
India Mission Team (Pastor Miran, Yisuel Chong, Peter Seo, Dongwha Hong
Leadership Board (Karen Hopper, John Lee, Gregg Kuck, Lori Hannan, Jeff
    Johnson, Gwen Gloeckner, WooYoung Jung, Dick Thomas, Beth Velas,  
    Sheryl Stoll, Sheila Lovell, Pastor Mike)
Barb Adams (hospice care)
Heather Coon (ankle surgery recovery)
Elaine Grimm (bleeding ulcer and severe anemia)
John Dimmick (medication concerns)
Steve Brundage (Carolinda and Marcia’s brother, liver and kidney failure)
Rusty Grice (recovering from intestinal ulcers and being stuck in rehab bed)
Caroline Funt (long series of chemo therapy)
Judy Tackett (serious pulmonary and heart issues)
Sandy Dunlap (radiation treatments)
Pastor Ken Lee and family (stroke rehabilitation)
Debbie Beach’s son (God work in his life and strength for her to let him)
Howard Donohue (Marion Norris’ dad, 92 yrs old and kidney failure)
Michelle Ayres (Rusty Grice’s daughter in law, recovery from surgery)
Brian, Katie & Family
Donna (Barb Maxwell’s sister, surgery to remove cyst on vocal chord)
Cathy Sidwell (Linda Carmichael’s sister, bicycle accident –broken bones)
Felicia Bernardini (friend of Gwen Gloeckner, ovarian cancer)
Betty Grewell (COPD and pneumonia)
Allan Madwar (Sandy’s brother-in-law, health concerns)
Pam Williams (mother from last year’s Habitat house, lung cancer)
Honyoung “Kyle” Lee (Mom going through uterine cancer treatments)
Beth’s job & Chris’ school
Dylan Lunder & Family (3yr old found unconscious in pool)
Vivian Atkinson (serious health issues)
Virginia Begien (94-yr-old friend of Herb & Doris Abel hospitalized)
Jonathan Todd Kaiser (recovering from serious leg blood clots)
Robert Ridge (Barb Maxwell’s grandson, deployed to Afghanistan)
Carol Hastie (Allison’s mom, stage 4 lymphoma cancer treatments)
Ethel Cornish (Praise -- daughter got a job)
Ruth Gabel (Hospice involved)
Donna Abel (health problems)
Wayne & Janice (health and peace)
Brandon Roshon & Family (life decisions, Ruth Davanzo’s grandson)
Linda Duffey (Betty Garbuglio’s sister-in-law, double mastectomy & chemo)
Mara Hunter (Betty Garbuglio’s cousin,  leukemia)
Ashley Hart (breast cancer)
Sharon Williams (knee replacement)
Dick Kyser (dementia)
Annette Cornish (eye injury)
Lara Pritchett’s daughter (tests for lupus)
Pearl Garmann (Alzheimer’s)
Joe Adams and family
Laura Brack
Julie Delahunty & family
George & Patsy King (Mark King’s parents)
Lois Zell
Ali Schutte (Alyssa Pratt’s 4-yr-old cousin w/stage 4 cancer; 18 mos chemo)