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Weekly Requests

Week of May 24

Bethel Church and Pastors Mike & Miran
Leadership Board (Karen Hopper, John Lee, Gregg Kuck, Lori Hannan, Jeff
    Johnson, Gwen Gloeckner, WooYoung Jung, Dick Thomas, Beth Velas,  
    Sheryl Stoll, Sheila Lovell, Pastor Mike)
Centennial High School (Fran Hershey, principal)
Ridgeview Middle School (Natalie James, principal)
Gables Elementary School (Cheryl Lumpkin, principal)
Winterset Elementary School (Audra Pearson, principal)
Bethel Christian Preschool (Karen Guegold, director)
Pastor Ken Lee and family (stroke rehabilitation)
Rusty Grice (swelling in his leg)
Dan Belville (hearing issues)
Ruth Gabel (Hospice now involved)
Family of Joan Snell
Wayne & Janice (health and peace)
Goodall-Oxley family (loss of their 2yr old granddaughter, Makynlie Hope)
Brandon Roshon & Family (life decisions, Ruth Davanzo’s grandson)
Dan Kennedy (recovery from gall bladder surgery)
Carla Granger (recovery from surgery to remove cyst on knee May 19)
Ardis Thomas (80th birthday on May 31)
Ashley Hart (breast cancer)
Sharon Williams (knee replacement)
Dick Kyser (dementia)
Howard Storm (recovery from aneurism removal in right leg)
Linda Warner (new job)
Sharyn Wolfe’s children (going through a tough time)
Alizabeth Stanley (Abel’s 5 yr old great granddaughter at Cleveland Clinic)
Aby R. (recovering from back surgery
Lara Pritchett’s daughter (tests for lupus)
Doyle Stoner (friend & team member of Herb Abel who passed away)
Pearl Garmann (Alzheimer’s)
Robin Fisher (gall bladder surgery May 15)
Brian Collier (illness)
Celia Javadi (financial/career miracle)
Anice Ellis (cancer surgery, friend of Nancy Davy)
Korean Students summer mission to India and to CA (Asian refugees)
Caroline Funt (starting chemo in June)
Judy Tackett (serious pulmonary and heart issues)
Sandy Dunlap (chemo treatments)
Barb Adams (worsening dementia) 
Gary (friend of Tracy & Dan Kennedy - wife is close to passing away)
Aselton Family (loss of son & brother)
Sabrina (lupus, possible cancer and 6yr old son with heart trouble)
Dean Pulliam (job situation)
Hart Warren & Family (chemo treatments)
Ethel Cornish (having a biopsy and still having pain in left leg)
Dina Dixon (thyroid cancer)
Debbie Beach’s son (God work in his life and strength for her to let him)
Roger Klinke (new diagnosis of leukemia)
David Guerrero (brain tumor, Gilliam Givens boyfriend)
Linda Duffy (breast cancer, 4 months of chemo treatments)
Jean Zeiglar (back in hospital, had brain tumor removed a year ago)
Alex Littleton (Chris & Beth Velas’ nephew, nodules on lungs)
Troy Ervin (major back problems and only in his 20s)
Joe Adams and family
Laura Brack
Julie Delahunty & family
George & Patsy King (Mark King’s parents)
Lois Zell
Robert Ridge (Barb Maxwell’s grandson, deployed to Afghanistan)
Ali Schutte (Alyssa Pratt’s 4-yr-old cousin w/stage 4 cancer; 18 mos chemo)