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Weekly Requests

Week of January 18

Bethel Church and Pastors Mike & Miran
Leadership Board (Karen Hopper, John Lee, Gregg Kuck, Lori Hannon, Jeff 
    Johnson, Gwen Gloeckner, WooYoung Jung, Dick  Thomas, Beth Velas,
    Sheryl Stoll, Sheila Lovell, Pastor Mike)
Pastor Ken Lee and family (stroke rehabilitation)
Centennial High School (Fran Hershey, principal)
Ridgeview Middle School (Natalie James, principal)
Gables Elementary School (Cheryl Lumpkin, principal)
Winterset Elementary School (Theresa Tracy, principal)
Bethel Christian Preschool (Karen Guegold, director)
DoYoung Park (Bethel grad student; interview for deacon ordination)
Ali Schutte (Alyssa Pratt’s 4-yr-old cousin w/stage 4 cancer; 18 mos chemo)
Gail Culp & Family (friend of Cindy Reber, loss of brother)
Alex (Sandy Madwar’s son)
Diane Kaiser (Milton’s wife with esophageal problems)
Heidi Steitz (Michele Walton’s aunt; mastectomy)
Meda Earl (Michele Gilley’s 98-year-old grandmother, broken femur)
Brandon Roshon & Family (friend of Ruth Davanzo, life decisions)
John St Germain (rehabbing broken bone above wrist)
Caroline Funt and the Funt Family
Judy Tackett (pulmonary and heart issues)
Karen Ansley (teacher at Matthew & Aaron Curie’s school; loss of husband)
John Bradshaw (Dan & Tracey Kennedy’s uncle, removal of kidney)
Fred Klenke (friend of the Porter’s, results of prostate biopsy)
Gabriel Cole (son-in-law of Gary & Robin Mitchell, slipped disc and sciatica)
Brooke Bevins (hip surgery on Feb 26th)
Ginny Miller (long-standing back issues)
Edna Richardson (intestinal problems)
Wilma Smith (complications following surgery)
Allison Hastie’s son, Elliot (continued growth as a preemie)
Family of Greg Peitsmeyer (friend of Bill Simons, passed away)
Robert Pastorius (diagnosed with throat and pancreatic cancer)
Kim Leggett (treatment for cancer)
Anna Sugar (recovery and rehab from knee replacement surgery)
David Ellis (Nancy Davy’s friend; hospitalized with leg blood clot problems
Sandy Dunlap (in the midst of monthly chemo treatments)
Vanya Fata (Russian seminary student; lost wife Mullinax to brain tumor)
Jacob Turner (Lana Turner’s son, recovery from facial surgeries)
Lynn and Amy (employees of Massage Envy–were invited to come to Bethel)
Rose Archambault (Lana’s mother in Michigan with breast cancer)
Bill Simons (hip replacement surgery on Feb 2)
Barb Adams (worsening dementia and for caretaker-daughter, Lisa O’Dell)
Ethel Cornish’s daughter, Arnette (lost her job)
Brian Terry (approved for transplant list for his kidney and pancreas)
Ruth Blank (broken hip, pneumonia and placed in hospice care)
Abigail Davis (congenital infant eye issues)
Jeanie Burns (diagnosed with cancer on brain, spine, lung and liver)
Linda Ayers (new cancer treatment)
Lois Zell & the Dotson Family (friends of Mark & Heidi King)
Carolyn Rober & Laura Brack (friends of Mark & Heidi King)
Julie Delahunty-Seel & family (friends of Mark & Heidi King)
Dr. Bill Shiels (friend of Mark & Heidi King)
Patsy & George King (Mark King’s parents)
Joe Adams & Family (friends of Mark & Heidi King)
John & Jill Bickerton and family (friends of Mark & Heidi King)
Quinn Dunn (brain tumor, given 4 months to live)
Woody & Mimi Woodfill (Bethel missionaries in Cambodia)