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Weekly Requests

Week of September 28th

Pastor Ken Lee and family (stroke rehabilitation)
Centennial High School (Fran Hershey, principal)
Ridgeview Middle School (Natalie James, principal)
Gables Elementary School (Cheryl Lumpkin, principal)
Winterset Elementary School (Theresa Tracy, principal)
Bethel Christian Preschool (Karen Guegold, director)
Ruth Writsel (moved to Convalescent Center)
Will Klinkefus (circulation issues)
Linda Ayers (double masechtomy, cancer spread to live and bones)
Don Saul (hospitalized for depression)
Family of Rosco Muttrell
Molly Flover
Jill Brickerton
Bill Shields
Laura & Allison King
Laura Brack
Mark Nelson & Family (Mark has Lyme disease)
Kenneth & Donna Abel (health problems)
Lewis Abel (health problems)
Michael Comer (Gwen VonHolten’s 40-yr-old brother with kidney & heart failure)
Brian Thomas (Dick & Ardis’ grandson whose wife left him)
Donna Olsen (Barbara Maxwell’s sister, surgery to remove nodules on vocal cords)
Ted Marshall (ICU at Riverside; fighting for his life)
Charlene Ferguson (breast cancer)
Mary Klinkefus (Will’s mother; recovery from serious back surgery)
Jacob Bartels (pain from sciatic nerve)
John Antel (cancer treatments)
Randy, Dannie (good health)
Sherri, Judy Peg (family healing)
Quinn Dunn (brain tumor, given 4 months to live)
Ryan (friend of Jim Trimmer & Kathy Young, bladder surgery)
Becky Parker (divorce & for son Kaleb)
Alex (Sandy Madwar’s son, needs Christ as his anchor)
Marlene Alexander (recovery from eye surgery and arterial issues)
Lana Turner (recovery for broken fibula)
Margie Metz (new job closer to Columbus; now in New Sabina)
Abigail Davis (congenital infant eye issues)
Nancy Davy (recovery from leg surgery at the Sanctuary @ Tuttle Crossing)
Ruth Gabel (in need of visitors)
Neal & Jean Gillfillan (Lori’s father & mother; cancer issues)
Jill Bickerton (cancer diagnosis)
Lois Zell (undergoing surgery to remove mass)
Joe Adams
Patsy King
Judy Tackett (2 slip disks in back and compression fracture & heart issues)
Pam Williams (new home owner with Habitat for Humanity)
Celia Javadi (surgery for abdominal wall hernia on Oct 16)
Ginny Shimrock’s mother (aging issues; two recent car accidents)
Blanche Martin (recovery from surgery & rehab)
Barb Adams (broken wrist and worsening dementia; her caregiver daughter, Lisa)
Madeline Dodge (pancreatic cancer)
Bernie Brown (still needs a job)
Abraham (return to faith)
Manueal Bianca (surgery & chemo)
Barb Metz (fighting cancer)
Vicki Arthur (fighting cancer)
Joshua (prodigal son)
Woody & Mimi Woodfill (missionaries to North Korea)