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Weekly Requests

Week of March 1

Bethel Church and Pastors Mike & Miran
Leadership Board (Karen Hopper, John Lee, Gregg Kuck,
Lori Hannan, Jeff Johnson, Gwen Gloeckner, WooYoung Jung,
Dick Thomas, Beth Velas,Sheryl Stoll, Sheila Lovell, Pastor Mike)
Pastor Ken Lee and family (stroke rehabilitation)
Centennial High School (Fran Hershey, principal)
Ridgeview Middle School (Natalie James, principal)
Gables Elementary School (Cheryl Lumpkin, principal)
Winterset Elementary School (Audra Pearson, principal)
Bethel Christian Preschool (Karen Guegold, director)
Carolinda Belville & Marcia Selleck (death of their father on Feb 26)
Caroline Funt (recovery from exploratory surgery)
Jacob Tuner (recovery from latest facial surgery on Feb. 25)
Sandy Dunlap (strength to handle her 3rd chemo treatment)
Brooke Bevins (recovery from Feb 26 hip surgery)
Moonho Park (Poomgmei restaurant sushi chef, fighting bladder cancer)
Cheryl Curie’s father (heart issues)
Rev Frank Luchsinger’s wife, Beth (recovery from stroke)
Brenda & Jerry Cochrun (death of their nephew)
Family of Warren Lee (LeeAnn & Bob Ruck’s neighbor)
Kevin Hayslip (finding a place to live)
Judy Tackett (serious pulmonary and heart issues)
Cindy (Sandy Madwar’s sister)
Mark DeSabato (recovery from heart valve repair)
Kathy (Lori Hannan’s aunt, stage 2 ovarian cancer)
Joe Ullmer (heart surgery & addiction issues)
Baby Collette
Carolyn Dehn (radiation treatments, breast cancer)
Pearl Garmann (recovering in nursing home from spinal fracture)
Linda Warner (job search)
Cindy (Sandy Madwar’s sister having surgery)
Alberta Adams (gambling addiction)
Bill Simons (recovery from hip replacement surgery on Feb 2)
Robert Ridge (Barb Maxwell’s grandson, deployed to Afghanistan)
Phil (alcoholism)
Valerie Vassiler (16 yr old with thyroid cancer)
Johnnie Barrett (friend of Ruth Davanzo, bladder cancer & drug addiction)
Bonnie Roberts (friend of Susie Martin, esophagus cancer)
Aaron Marylee’s mom
Ali Schutte (Alyssa Pratt’s 4-yr-old cousin w/stage 4 cancer; 18 mos chemo)
Alex (Sandy Madwar’s son)
Milton & Diane Kaiser (Milton with fungal and Diane esophageal problems)
Meda Earl (Michele Gilley’s 98-year-old grandmother, broken femur)
John Bradshaw (Dan & Tracey Kennedy’s uncle, removal of kidney)
Gabriel Cole (son-in-law of Gary & Robin Mitchell, slipped disc and sciatica)
Allison Hastie’s infant son, Elliot (continued progress from premature birth)
David Ellis (Nancy Davy’s friend in mid 40s; inoperable leg blood clot issues)
Susie Martin (persistent sciatica problems)
Barb Adams (worsening dementia and for caretaker-daughter, Lisa O’Dell)
Ethel Cornish’s daughter, Arnette (lost her job)
Dr. Bill Shiels (friend of Mark & Heidi King)
Patsy & George King (Mark King’s parents)
Joe Adams & Family (friends of Mark & Heidi King)
Woody & Mimi Woodfill (Bethel missionaries in Cambodia)