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02/07    TCSLINKTONEWS[117840,A Church Where Jesus Makes All Things New,layout_details]
01/31    TCSLINKTONEWS[117514,A Church Where a Front Porch Has Been Built,layout_details]
01/24    TCSLINKTONEWS[117253,A Church Where Intergenerational Relationships Thrive,layout_details]
 01/17    TCSLINKTONEWS[116828,A Church Where Servants Rise Up,layout_details]
 01/10    TCSLINKTONEWS[116702,A Church Where Leaders Stay Healthy,layout_details]
12/27   TCSLINKTONEWS[116097,A Church Where Children and Youth Love to Come,layout_details]
12/24   TCSLINKTONEWS[116096,From Scrooge to Ebenezer,layout_details]
12/20   TCSLINKTONEWS[116085,A Christmas Story,layout_details]
12/13   TCSLINKTONEWS[115653,The Ghost of Christmas Future,layout_details]
12/06   TCSLINKTONEWS[115229,The Ghost of Christmas Present,layout_details]
11/29   TCSLINKTONEWS[114941,The Ghost of Christmas Past,layout_details]
11/22   TCSLINKTONEWS[114601,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 4),layout_details]
11/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[114324,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 3),layout_details]
11/8   TCSLINKTONEWS[114050,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 2),layout_details]
11/1   TCSLINKTONEWS[113697,Reclaiming a Treasure Trove of Hymns (Part 1),layout_details]
10/25   TCSLINKTONEWS[113366,Grit, Grace, & Gratitude (Part 2),layout_details]
10/18   TCSLINKTONEWS[113127,Grit, Grace, & Gratitude (Part 1),layout_details]
10/11   Sermon Not Available (Combined Service)
10/4   TCSLINKTONEWS[112490,Come to the Table (Part 2),layout_details]
9/27   TCSLINKTONEWS[112171,Come to the Table (Part 1),layout_details]
9/20   TCSLINKTONEWS[111897,Come to the Water (Part 3),layout_details]
9/13   TCSLINKTONEWS[111506,Come to the Water (Part 2),layout_details]
9/6   TCSLINKTONEWS[111282,Come to the Water (Part 1),layout_details]
8/30   TCSLINKTONEWS[110950,Church, Take Your Marks: Ready, Set, Go,layout_details]
8/23   Not available due to technical difficulties
8/16   TCSLINKTONEWS[110652,Church, Take Your Marks: Ready, Set, Go,layout_details]
8/9   TCSLINKTONEWS[110009,Living as the Beloved...Connecting with the Outside World,layout_details]
8/2   TCSLINKTONEWS[109631,Living as the Beloved...Giving Ourselves to Others (Part 2),layout_details]
7/26   TCSLINKTONEWS[109347,Living as the Beloved...Giving Ourselves to Others (Part 1),layout_details]
7/19   TCSLINKTONEWS[109110,Living as the Beloved...Sharing Our Brokenness (Part 2),layout_details]
7/12   TCSLINKTONEWS[108803,Living as the Beloved...Sharing Our Brokenness (Part 1),layout_details]
7/5   TCSLINKTONEWS[108934,Living as the Beloved - Imparting a Blessing (Part 2),layout_details]
6/28   TCSLINKTONEWS[108223,Living as the Beloved - Imparting a Blessing (Part 1),layout_details]
6/21    TCSLINKTONEWS[107897,Living as the Beloved - Claiming to be Taken (Part 2),layout_details]
6/14    TCSLINKTONEWS[107549,Living as the Beloved - Claiming to be Taken (Part 1),layout_details]
6/7   TCSLINKTONEWS[107206,Living As the Beloved - God Becoming Enfleshed in Us,layout_details]
5/31   TCSLINKTONEWS[106966,Living As the Beloved - On You My Favor Rests,layout_details]
5/24   TCSLINKTONEWS[106710,Living As the Beloved - Understanding in the Midst of Confusion,layout_details]
5/17   TCSLINKTONEWS[106407,Now Showing: 'Selma',layout_details]
5/10   TCSLINKTONEWS[106124,Now Showing: 'Still Alice',layout_details]
5/3   TCSLINKTONEWS[105848,Now Showing: 'Dead Poets Society',layout_details]
4/26   TCSLINKTONEWS[105564,Now Showing: 'The Theory of Everything',layout_details]
4/19   TCSLINKTONEWS[105338,Now Showing: 'Into the Woods',layout_details]
4/12   TCSLINKTONEWS[104923,Now Showing: 'Unbroken',layout_details]
4/5   TCSLINKTONEWS[104613,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Overcoming My Unbelief),layout_details]
3/29   TCSLINKTONEWS[104506,Palm Sunday Combined Service,layout_details]
3/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[103773,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Doing Greater Things Than the Master),layout_details]
3/8   TCSLINKTONEWS[103504,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Being Covered in the Dust of Your Rabbi),layout_details]
3/1   TCSLINKTONEWS[103248,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Living As He Is Lord),layout_details]
2/22   TCSLINKTONEWS[102953,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Giving Belief a Response),layout_details]
2/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[102722,The 'E' Word (Growing Pains that Stretch You),layout_details]
2/8   TCSLINKTONEWS[102380,The 'E' Word (Responding to God's Nudges),layout_details]
2/1   TCSLINKTONEWS[102104,The 'E' Word (Un-muting the Mute Button),layout_details]
1/25   TCSLINKTONEWS[101812,The 'E' Word (Capturing the Season of Change),layout_details]
1/18   TCSLINKTONEWS[101582,The 'E' Word (Igniting Faith thru the Church),layout_details]