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Date   Sermon Title
3/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[103773,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Doing Greater Things Than the Master),layout_details]
3/8   TCSLINKTONEWS[103504,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Being Covered in the Dust of Your Rabbi),layout_details]
3/1   TCSLINKTONEWS[103248,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Living As He Is Lord),layout_details]
2/22   TCSLINKTONEWS[102953,Sold Out 4 Jesus (Giving Belief a Response),layout_details]
2/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[102722,The 'E' Word (Growing Pains that Stretch You),layout_details]
2/8   TCSLINKTONEWS[102380,The 'E' Word (Responding to God's Nudges),layout_details]
2/1   TCSLINKTONEWS[102104,The 'E' Word (Un-muting the Mute Button),layout_details]
1/25   TCSLINKTONEWS[101812,The 'E' Word (Capturing the Season of Change),layout_details]
1/18   TCSLINKTONEWS[101582,The 'E' Word (Igniting Faith thru the Church),layout_details]
1/11   TCSLINKTONEWS[101262,The 'E' Word (Causing You to Pray Boldly),layout_details]
1/4   TCSLINKTONEWS[100995,The 'E' Word (Having the Passion of a Convert),layout_details]
12/28   TCSLINKTONEWS[100874,A Not So Silent Night (Mary’s Destined Child),layout_details]
12/24   TCSLINKTONEWS[101261,Christmas Eve,layout_details]
12/21   Not available - Combined service not recorded.
12/14   TCSLINKTONEWS[100456,A Not So Silent Night (Mary’s Treasured Heart),layout_details]
12/7   TCSLINKTONEWS[100198,A Not So Silent Night (Mary’s Pierced Soul),layout_details]
11/30   TCSLINKTONEWS[99910,A Not So Silent Night (Beginning with the End),layout_details]
11/23   TCSLINKTONEWS[99756,Living the Dream (Losing Our Big Buts),layout_details]
11/16   TCSLINKTONEWS[99506,Living the Dream (Encountering Our Burning Bush),layout_details]
11/9   TCSLINKTONEWS[99169,Living the Dream (Discovering our Birthright),layout_details]
11/2   TCSLINKTONEWS[98785,Enough Food for the World (A Lord Who Hungers),layout_details]
10/26   TCSLINKTONEWS[98407,Enough Food for the World (A Double Portion Awaits),layout_details]
10/19   TCSLINKTONEWS[98138,Enough Food for the World (Hearts Open to the Hungry),layout_details]
10/12   TCSLINKTONEWS[95237,Enough Food for the World (The Blessedness of Hunger),layout_details]
10/5   TCSLINKTONEWS[95054,Enough Food for the World (Dreaming Away Hunger),layout_details]
9/28   TCSLINKTONEWS[94658,Enough Food for the World (Food for our Enemies),layout_details]
9/21   Not available - Combined service not recorded.
9/14   TCSLINKTONEWS[94067,Enough Food for the World (Manna from Heaven),layout_details]
9/7   TCSLINKTONEWS[93731,Enough Food for the World (Feasting on the Lord),layout_details]
8/31   TCSLINKTONEWS[93558,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (lead us not into temptation),layout_details]
8/24   TCSLINKTONEWS[93217,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (forgive us our debts),layout_details]
8/17   TCSLINKTONEWS[92949,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (Give us our daily bread),layout_details]
8/10   TCSLINKTONEWS[92664,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (Your Kingdom Come),layout_details]
8/3   TCSLINKTONEWS[92405,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (Our Father in Heaven),layout_details]
7/27   TCSLINKTONEWS[92133,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (I have everything I need),layout_details]
7/20   TCSLINKTONEWS[91899,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (fearfully and wonderfully made),layout_details]
7/13   TCSLINKTONEWS[91657,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (create in me a clean heart),layout_details]
7/6   TCSLINKTONEWS[91421,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (where does my help come from?),layout_details]
6/29   TCSLINKTONEWS[91279,The Bible’s Greatest Prayers (so that we may be one),layout_details]
6/22   Not available due to technical difficulties
6/15   TCSLINKTONEWS[90685,Prayer Just Do It (Rev Dr James Wagner),layout_details]
6/8   TCSLINKTONEWS[90392,His Face Toward the World,layout_details]
6/1   TCSLINKTONEWS[89973,His Face Toward Heaven (aligning your heart with His),layout_details]
5/25   TCSLINKTONEWS[89710,His Face Toward Heaven (see him in our dreams of ascending),layout_details]
5/18   TCSLINKTONEWS[89475,His Face Toward Heaven (see him in our nets full of blessing),layout_details]
5/11   TCSLINKTONEWS[89154,His Face Toward Heaven (see him in the flocks we shepherd),layout_details]
5/4   TCSLINKTONEWS[88861,His Face Toward Heaven (see him in the breaking of bread),layout_details]
4/27   TCSLINKTONEWS[88644,His Face Toward Heaven (see him in our nail-scarred lives),layout_details]
4/20   TCSLINKTONEWS[88411,His Face Toward Jerusalem (at the Garden Tomb),layout_details]
4/6   TCSLINKTONEWS[87872,His Face Toward Jerusalem (at Jericho),layout_details]
3/30   TCSLINKTONEWS[87565,His Face Toward Jerusalem (at the Mt of Temptation),layout_details]
3/23   TCSLINKTONEWS[87234,His Face Toward Jerusalem (at Tabgha),layout_details]
3/16   TCSLINKTONEWS[86918,His Face Toward Jerusalem (at Capernaum),layout_details]
3/9   TCSLINKTONEWS[86618,His Face Toward Jerusalem (at Caesarea Philippi),layout_details]
3/2   TCSLINKTONEWS[86326,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the Transfiguration),layout_details]
 2/23    TCSLINKTONEWS[85665,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the region of Tyre),layout_details]
2/16   TCSLINKTONEWS[86325,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the country of the Gerasenes),layout_details]
2/9   TCSLINKTONEWS[81940,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the healing of a friend),layout_details]
2/2   TCSLINKTONEWS[85660,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the catch of fish),layout_details]
1/26   TCSLINKTONEWS[85661,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the shade of a fig tree),layout_details]
1/19   TCSLINKTONEWS[85662,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the Nazareth Synagogue),layout_details]
1/12   TCSLINKTONEWS[85663,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the River Jordan),layout_details]
1/5   TCSLINKTONEWS[85664,Aha! It’s Jesus! (in the Magi's Coming),layout_details]