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How to Evaluate Online Reviews When Choosing a Remodeler

Embarrassed by your outdated kitchen or tired of that ugly bathroom, but aren’t yet ready to move to a new home? Remodeling those rooms is your next best option. And there is no better time to consider a remodeling project than during National Remodeling Month in May!

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How to Implement Universal Design

Learn how using universal design elements can help make your home work for you now and in the future.

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Designing for Pets

We consider our pets members of the family, so it’s only right, and sensible, that they should be considered when designing our homes.

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Benefits of Housing

Homeownership has long been regarded as the backbone of our diverse and growing American society. As we call attention to the numerous benefits of homeownership during National Homeownership Month in June, we can pause for a moment and appreciate how far we’ve come and reflect on how homeownership has become such a central and vital part of our nation’s growth.

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Home Buyer's Dictionary

ARM? GPM? PITI? You’d have to be a cryptologist to figure out some of the terms buyers encounter during the home buying process. Doing research on how to buy a house before beginning the process can greatly improve your experience and prepare you for the exciting course ahead.

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Tips (and Tales) for a First-Time Home Buyer

For many people, buying a first home is a rite of passage and ownership in part of the American dream. And while many excited hours are spent planning interior color schemes, choosing new furniture and dreaming of moving day, many first- time buyers spend equal amounts of time fretting and fearing the home buying process.

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What the First-Time Condo Buyer Needs to Know

Everyone knows that there’s a big difference between renting an apartment and buying a house. But not everyone realizes that buying a condo is significantly different from buying a single-family home. There are many good reasons to want to live in a condominium, but the buying process can be a minefield of potential disasters to the unprepared.

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