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The Building Industry Awards were established in 2005 to honor builders, remodelers, developers, developments, architects, residential designers, landscapers, subcontractors, suppliers, service providers and superintendents for outstanding and extraordinary service in the residential construction industry.

The Building Industry Awards Hall of Fame recognizes members that have an unprecedented history of exceptional service and is the highest honor a member can receive.

A distinguished group of BIA Past Presidents serve as judges for the Building Industry Awards.

BIA Hall of Fame

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The Hall of Fame inductees are members who have made the greatest contribution to the BIA since the formation of the Association in 1943. This award is presented annually to those who have demonstrated exceptional qualities of leadership as well as displayed exemplary dedication to the industry and their community as a whole. Congratulations to all of the individuals who have been inducted into the BIA Hall of Fame since its inception in 2005.

Induction year in parentheses

  • Raymond Barry, Raymond Barry, Inc. (2005)
  • Larry Bellman, Contract Lumber (2007)
  • Don Borror, Borror Properties (2015)
  • Danny L. Brown, Parksite (2011)
  • Bruce H. Burkholder, Wiles, Boyle, Burkholder & Bringartner (2012)
  • James Deagle, Candlelite Homes, Inc. (2010)
  • EMH&T (2015)
  • William Fannin, Sr., William Fannin Builders, Inc. (2005)
  • Ernie Fritsche, The Fritsche Corporation (2005)
  • Jack Graf, Graf & Sons, Inc. (2006)
  • Ben Hale, Smith & Hale (2015)
  • Roger Hatch, W.R. Hatch Builders, Inc. (2005)
  • Milton Lewin, Hamilton Parker Company (2005)
  • Carlyle Perry, Jr., C.V. Perry Builders (2007)
  • F. Stevens Potter, Potter Homes (2008)
  • Charles Prior, Charles Prior Builder (2006)
  • Robert Rankin, Bob Rankin Builder (2006)
  • H.R. "Buss" Ransom, H.R. Ransom, Inc. (2009)
  • Charlie Ruma, Virginia Homes (2005)
  • John Sandefur, Sandefur Building Co. (2007)
  • Irving E. Schottenstein, M/I Homes, Inc. (2012)
  • Russell Shaeffer, American Electric Power (2009)
  • George Skestos, Homewood Corporation (2015)
  • Fritz Smith, Decker Construction Company (2006)
  • Harrison W. Smith, Jr., Smith & Hale, LLC (2011)
  • Wilbur "Wib" Strait, The Strait & Lamp Group (2008)
  • Page Vornbrock, Page M. Vornbrock & Associates, LLC (2007)
  • Bob Webb, Bob Webb Homes (2013)
  • Pamela Yost, Grand DesignGroup, Inc. (2010)


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Below is a list of awards and award winners from the Building Industry Awards since the program's inception in 2005. Congratulations to all of the winners.

Developer of the Year

This award is in recognition of outstanding achievement in the development of land, single family subdivisions, condominiums or apartment projects. The candidate must be a full time builder or developer working in the area served by the BIA of Central Ohio.

  • 2012: Schottenstein Real Estate Group
  • 2011: Rockford Homes
  • 2010: Schottenstein Real Estate Group
  • 2008: Planned Communities, Inc.
  • 2008: Newbury Homes (Finalist)
  • 2007: Village Communities, Inc.
  • 2006: Schottenstein Real Estate Group
  • 2005: Long & Wilcox, LLC

Development of the Year

The recipient company is recognized for an outstanding housing development in the central Ohio region. Entries are judged on product design, site design, overall marketing effectiveness and sales success.

  • 2012: The Alexander at Bexley Gateway - Plaza Properties
  • 2011: The Annex at River South - Lifestyle Communities
  • 2010: Tartan Ridge - Edwards Land Company
  • 2010: Tremont Club - Schottenstein Real Estate Group (Finalist)
  • 2009: Stonegate Estates - Archer Building Company, LLC
  • 2008: Tremont Club - Schottenstein Real Estate Group
  • 2008: Duffy Homes (Finalist)
  • 2006: Harbor Point at Heron Bay - Lakeside Construction
  • 2005: Corazón/Tartan West

Distinguished Service Award in Architecture

The recipient of this award is recognized for outstanding and distinguished service as an architect or designer of new homes or major residential alterations.

  • 2005: Residential Designed Solutions, Inc.

Exterior Architectural Design of the Year

For this award, the home is judged on creative exterior architectural details, use of materials, roof lines and overall curb appeal. This award is open to architects and residential designers.

  • 2012: Lifestyle Communities
  • 2012: American Heritage Homes (Finalist)
  • 2011: Castlestone Homes
  • 2010: Residential Designed Solutions, Inc.
  • 2009: Brian Kent Jones Architects, Inc.
  • 2009: Melaragno Residential Design, LLC (Finalist)
  • 2008: Duffy Homes
  • 2008: Residential Designed Solutions, Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2005: R J Landis Design & Construction, Inc.

Landscaping Design of the Year

This award recognizes excellence in overall landscape design. Entries are judged on the selection and use of materials (plants, flowers, shrubs, etc.), design and workmanship.

  • 2012: Blendon Gardens, Inc.
  • 2011: Blendon Gardens, Inc.
  • 2011: GreenScapes Landscape Co., Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2010: GreenScapes Landscape Co., Inc.
  • 2010: Blendon Gardens, Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2009: Blendon Gardens, Inc.
  • 2009: Environmental Management, Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2007: Peabody Landscape Group, Inc.
  • 2006: GreenScapes Landscape Co., Inc.

Material Supplier of the Year

The recipient is judged on the company's approach to providing and supplying materials, their degree of service delivery and their involvement in the industry.

  • 2012: Suburban Steel Supply Co., LLC
  • 2011: Scioto Kitchen Sales Corp.
  • 2011: America's Floor Source (Finalist)
  • 2010: Hamilton Parker Company
  • 2010: America’s Floor Source (Finalist)
  • 2010: Suburban Steel Supply Co., LLC (Finalist)
  • 2009: America's Floor Source, LLC
  • 2008: Suburban Steel Supply Co., LLC
  • 2008: America's Floor Source, LLC (Finalist)
  • 2007: America's Floor Source, LLC
  • 2006: Parksite
  • 2005: Dow Building & Construction
  • 2005: Khempco Building Supply
  • 2005: Suburban Steel Supply Co., LLC

Next Generation Builder (NGB) of the Year

This builder demonstrates outstanding commitment to promoting the objectives of the BIA and the best interests of the housing industry. The candidate should have an impeccable industry reputation including ethical business practices and outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • 2012: Brett Kaufman, Kaufman Development
  • 2011: Dave Brown, Regent Homes, LLC
  • 2010: Westport Homes of Ohio, Inc.
  • 2010: Dani Homes, Ltd. (Finalist)
  • 2009: Dave Brown, Regent Homes, LLC
  • 2009: Craig Tuckerman, The Tuckerman Home Group, Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2008: Heritage Custom Homes
  • 2008: Zenios Michael Zenios, 3 Pillar Homes (Finalist)
  • 2006: Zenios Michael Zenios, 3 Pillar Homes
  • 2005: Mark Braunsdorf, Compass Homes, Inc.

Remodeling Project of the Year

This award is in recognition of excellence in remodeling. Entries are judged on creative use of existing space, innovativeness of work and quality of total project. The project can be interior, exterior or both.

  • 2012: Renovations Unlimited, Inc.
  • 2012: R J Landis Design & Construction, Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2011: DiYanni Remodeling
  • 2011: Renovations Unlimited, Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2010: Renovations Unlimited, Inc.
  • 2009: J.S. Brown & Company
  • 2009: Brian Wiland & Associates (Finalist)
  • 2009: Ketron Custom Builders (Finalist)
  • 2008: Dave Fox Remodeling, Inc.
  • 2008: Renovations Unlimited (Finalist)
  • 2007: R J Landis Design & Construction, Inc.
  • 2006: Forrester Construction Co.
  • 2006: Renovations Unlimited

Service Provider of the Year

This award is judged on the company’s approach to providing extraordinary service, the lengths taken to provide superior customer service and involvement in the industry and/or charitable organizations. This award is not intended for suppliers or subcontractors.

  • 2011: The Cleary Company
  • 2009: The Tuckerman Home Group, Inc.
  • 2007: Time Warner Cable

Smart Growth Development of the Year

The development must preserve natural resources or provide open space through flexible arrangement of the dwelling units with such techniques as clustering and conservation. The concept should speak to the regional benefit provided by the new development and exhibit an element of sustainable growth – that is, the contribution of the development exceeds the infrastructure and social cost.

  • 2005: Corazón/Tartan West

Subcontractor of the Year

The recipient is honored for outstanding and distinguished service as a subcontractor that provides exceptional products, service and delivery.

  • 2012: America's Floor Source, LLC
  • 2012: Queen Custom Exteriors, Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2011: Blendon Gardens, Inc.
  • 2011: America's Floor Source, LLC (Finalist)
  • 2010: Queen Custom Exteriors
  • 2010: Graham Electric Co., Inc. (Finalist)
  • 2009: America's Floor Source, LLC
  • 2008: John Eramo & Sons, Inc.
  • 2008: America’s Floor Source, LLC (Finalist)
  • 2007: Dealers Lumber Company
  • 2006: Stewart Title of Columbus
  • 2005: America’s Floor Source, LLC
  • 2005: Heritage Marble of Ohio

Superintendent / Production Manager / Warranty Manager / Customer Service Manager of the Year

The recipient must demonstrate unique contributions and effort, while successfully improving customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional service. The candidate must exhibit their professional and innovative approach to new home construction and solutions to obstacles.

  • 2012: Amy Slane, Plaza Properties
  • 2011: Mike Hall, M/I Homes
  • 2011: Eric Call, The Cleary Company (Finalist)
  • 2011: Jim Jones, Regent Homes, LLC (Finalist)
  • 2010: Chuck Evans, Schottenstein Real Estate Group
  • 2010: Jim Jones, Regent Homes, LLC (Finalist)
  • 2009: Chad Wackler, Compass Homes, Inc.
  • 2009: Frank Dondelinger, Renovations Unlimited (Finalist)
  • 2008: Jeff Boyer, Nicholson Builders, Inc.
  • 2008: Brent Cantrell, 3 Pillar Homes (Finalist)
  • 2007: Pete Taylor, Bob Webb Homes
  • 2006: Phil Hill, The Tuckerman Home Group, Inc.
  • 2005: Tom Brown, Bob Webb Homes

Urban Development of the Year

The recipient is recognized for an outstanding housing development in an urban/downtown location.

  • 2012: Hartman Loft Condominiums - Plaza Properties
  • 2008: Neighborhood Launch - Duffy Homes
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