2015 Call 

Call for Papers and Panels

2015 Central States Communication Association (CSCA)
Annual Convention in Madison, Wisconsin
April 15-19, 2015


The Argumentation and Forensics Interest Group welcomes all members of CSCA to submit competitive papers, programs, and interactive panels to be considered for acceptance at the 2015 CSCA conference. Our interest group focuses on argumentation theory, forensics, forensics & argumentation pedagogy, and the application of argument in one's life.

Some topics discussed at last year's group meeting included: The use of argumentation in the basic course Forensic skills in such locations as middle schools, prisons, public debates. Building new forensic programs and restarting programs Argumentation in a world of “opinion”. In addition papers focusing on the role of argumentation in non-traditional areas are highly encouraged. We will accept a diverse array of topics, but give special consideration to members who engage the conference theme. Papers emphasizing the linkages between argumentation and other group interests are also recommended, and we strongly encourage co-sponsored panels.

An example of this type of work, discussed at last year's meeting, could be co-sponsoring a panel with the basic course in which the presenters discuss and analyze ways that we are using debate as a problem solving mechanism within our basic courses. Another example discussed during the 2014 meeting focused on examining the role of argumentation in heath communication.

Awards: There will be awards for the top paper, top panel, top student paper, and a new award being introduced this year top mentor.

Guidelines for submission:

1. Papers: Only completed papers that conform to the latest edition of the APA manual will be considered for acceptance. Include a title page for identification, but remove all author identification within the paper as to facilitate the blind review. Students, including graduate students, should identify their work as such by adding the word "STUDENT" in the upper right hand corner of their title page. This will allow us to consider such work for the award mentioned above. A Competitive Paper Submission Form must be submitted along with the paper. This form is located on the CSCA website: www.csca-net.org.

2. Panels: Discussion panels and paper panels must be submitted using the respective forms located on the CSCA website: www.csca-net.org. Panel submissions must also include the following: (a) title, (b) abstract, and (c) a complete list of participants along with their institutional affiliations, contact information (address, e-mail, and telephone), and if they are CSCA Members.

Procedural: All papers must be submitted electronically using Microsoft Word. Documents sent using any other format shall be returned to the sender. An e-mail acknowledging receipt of paper and panel proposals will be sent for each submission.

All media requests must be made at the time of submission. Please only request media if it is absolutely essential to your presentation, as media requests will be closely examined before approval. Laptop computers will not be made available for presentations.

Your submission implies that you agree to follow appropriate presentation guidelines if your paper/panel is accepted (i.e., it is generally unacceptable to read your paper to those in attendance). Submissions must be received by October 3, 2014. Send all submissions electronically to: John Price, University of Kansas, John.Price@ku.edu