2016 Call

Call for Papers and Panels

2016 Central States Communication Association (CSCA)
Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan
April 13-17, 2016


The Basic Course Interest Group invites submission of competitive papers, panels, roundtable discussions, and innovative programming for the 2016 CSCA convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The purpose of the Basic Course Interest Group is to support research and facilitate discussion of issues related to the pedagogy and administration of introductory communication courses. The Interest Group is seeking proposals that explore the conference theme of “Foundation” in broad ways. Who are the legends in the Introductory Course in the central region? How does the introductory course function as a foundation for the Communication discipline? How are up-and-coming scholars taking on and/or reshaping the foundations of the introductory course? What innovations in the introductory course are supported by the foundations? How do digital technologies impact our idea of “foundational” communication?  What populations involved with the introductory course are most served and least served by traditional notions of “foundation”?

While we are especially interested in those that connect to the conference theme, the Interest Group welcomes proposals that address any aspect of the introductory course. In terms of panels, preference will be given to those with panelists representing multiple institutions rather than representing a single institution. The Interest Group generally offers two awards at each conference: The Douglas M. Trank Award for the top competitive Paper, and the Melissa Beall award for the top competitive panel.

Papers: Only completed papers will be accepted. Papers must include a title and a brief abstract, and submitted using Microsoft Word. The word “Student” should be marked on all papers written by student authors. Student authored papers do not include those co-authored with faculty members. Author names and any identifying information must be removed prior to submission. A Competitive Paper Submission Form must be submitted along with the paper. This form is located on the CSCA website: www.csca-net.org.

Panels: Discussion panels and paper panels must be submitted using the respective forms located on the CSCA website: www.csca-net.org. Submissions must be made using Microsoft Word.

All technology requests must be made at the time of submission.

Submissions must be received by October 3, 2015.

Send submissions electronically using Microsoft Word to the following:

Sandy Pensoneau-Conway