2016 Call

Great Ideas for Teaching (G.I.F.T.)
Call for Submissions

2016 Central States Communication Association (CSCA)
Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan
April 13-17, 2016


Great Ideas for Teaching (G.I.F.T.) invites submissions of classroom tested teaching activities to share with novice and veteran communication instructors. G.I.F.T. sessions feature round-table presentations of teaching activities that demonstrate how to apply a myriad of communication theories and concepts. Traditionally, G.I.F.T. submissions have focused on public speaking, interpersonal, small group, organizational, and public relations; however, we encourage creative submissions from any facet of our discipline and especially encourage submissions related to the convention theme: Foundation.

The top two submissions (as determined by reviewer evaluations) will be recognized with a cash award and a Certificate of Merit.

Given the increase in online teaching, we are interested in creative G.I.F.T submissions for online, flipped or hybrid courses. If your submission for a traditional classroom also has an alternative option that could be utilized in the online environment, please provide both options!

Individuals who have their activities selected for presentation will share their ideas several times in a small group context. Typically, each presenter will have eight minutes to share the teaching activity eight times with different audience members each round. Presenters are expected to arrive with 75 hard copies of their assignments to be distributed during their session.

Successful G.I.F.T. submissions must contain each of the following components:

  • Title of the activity
  • Course(s) for which this activity is intended
  • Objective(s) of the activity
  • Rationale for conducting the activity
  • Description of the activity, including any preparation/preliminary steps and materials needed
  • Debriefing of the activity, including typical results
  • Appraisal of the activity, including any limitations or variations
  • References and/or Suggested Readings

Additional requirements:

  • Submissions must be no longer than two pages of actual written text within accepted publishing guidelines (not including references/bibliographies or handouts).
  • Follow the sample submission found at http://csca-gift.blogspot.com/p/about.html.
  • Submit all proposals as two (2) separate Microsoft Word or PDF file attachments to cscagiftdiv@gmail.com no later than 11:59 PM EST on October 3, 2015 (see details below).
  • If your submission is accepted, you are expected to attend the convention to present your activity. Only one author need attend, however, if multiple authors submit a joint activity.

The first file must include the author’s (1) name, (2) title of the activity, (3) school affiliation, (4) current CSCA membership status, (5) mailing address, (6) email address, and (7) phone number. Information for any additional authors – name, email, and school affiliation only – should be placed after the first author’s information. All information should be left aligned at the top of the page with no formatting (bold, italics, or underline).

The second file should contain the teaching activity as outlined above and should not contain any author-identifiers. The e-mail subject line should include the abbreviation CSCA and the title of the activity (i.e. CSCA: Using Film to Teach Self-Disclosure). If you are submitting an activity that can also be utilized online, please make this clear by typing “ONLINE ACTIVITY” at the top of both of your attached files.

Proposals not meeting these submission guidelines may not be distributed for review. If you have questions about G.I.F.T. or your individual submission, please contact G.I.F.T. chair and program planner Dr. Kathie R. Fleck at the following e-mail address: cscagiftdiv@gmail.com.