CSCA 2015 Pre-Conferences

Pre-Conference #1
Wednesday, April 13
1:00 to 3:45 p.m.
Emerald Room A
Creating Courses around a “Central” Idea


C. Kyle Rudick, Northern Iowa University
Kathryn B. Golsan, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


Amy Aldridge Sandford, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
Andrew M. Ledbetter,
Texas Christian University
Christopher Brown,
Minnesota State University
Scott Dickmeyer,
University Wisconsin, LaCrosse
Blair Thompson,
Western Kentucky University

This preconference will highlight Parker Palmer’s principal that every discipline has an inner logic, “a patterned way of relating to the great things at its core.” Centering our courses around this internal logic is “so profound that every critical piece of it contains the information necessary to reconstruct the whole—if it is illuminated by a laser…that laser is the act of teaching.” This session will focus on identifying the inner logic of our discipline as well as the specific fields within (Interpersonal, Organizational, Intercultural, Rhetoric, etc.). To uncover these “internal logics,” we will go through the process of silent brainstorming to identify core questions and propositions to (re)shape courses and then develop teaching strategies, ideas, and assignments to translate this inner logic into practice. Respected pedagogues within the discipline will lead and participate in the silent brainstorming process, sharing their knowledge and expertise.
Fee: $25.00; includes light snacks.


Pre-Conference #2
Wednesday, April 13
4:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Creating Beer Culture


Jennifer C. Dunn, Dominican University

Grand Rapids has recently been crowned “Beer City USA” due to its beer history and the role that new breweries have played in revitalizing the community and for the collaborative spirit of the brewing community. Beer historian, Dr. Andrew McMichael (Co-director in developing the brewing and distilling program at Western Kentucky University), will offer a brief glimpse into the role beer culture plays in creating community before we take a tour of local breweries which include Founders, Brewery Vivant, and Mitten Brewery. Participants will learn more specifically about the development of community in Beer City USA. Participants will gather in the Emerald A room prior to this engaging tour.

Fee: $60.00; includes beer tasting; must be 21+ to register. This is an educational tour.