CSCA 2015 Pre-Conferences

Pre-Conference #1
Wednesday, April 15
1:00 to 3:45 p.m.

Engaging the Basic Communication Course as Our Disciplinary Foundation


LeAnn M. Brazeal, Missouri State University
Chad Edwards, Western Michigan University
Michael E. Burns, Texas State University, San Marcos
Katherine J. Denker, Ball State University
Angela M. Hosek, Ohio University
Scott Sellnow-Richmond, Wayne State University
Cheri J. Simonds, Illinois State University
Tiffany R. Wang, University of Montevallo

This pre-conference will highlight the importance of the basic communication course as part of our disciplinary Foundation. As respected disciplinary leaders and communication scholars in our regional and national networks have invited us to reflect on: Where is home? What provides our communication departments across the nation with a strong Foundation? The basic communication course will be celebrated and embraced as one key material that gives our discipline grounding and stability. A team of Basic Course Directors from across the nation will lead an interactive pre-conference experience designed to focus on the importance of communication skills, teaching assistant training, assessment, course innovation, general education advocacy, and more.  

Fee: $25.00; includes light snacks


Pre-Conference #2
Wednesday, April 15
4:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Converging on Madison: Local Craft Beer Culture


Jennifer C. Dunn, Dominican University

Wisconsin has been home to beer brewing for over one-hundred years and is one of the centers of big, industrial beer (Miller Brewing). Even so, the state has fostered a protected craft beer community, where independent breweries and brewpubs have flourished. Today, there are approximately 200 craft breweries in Wisconsin. For this preconference, participants will take part in a beer bus tour with Hop Head Beer Tours. This company promotes education about local craft breweries by bringing groups to three local Madison breweries. In addition to a brewery tour, participants will learn about the brewing process and local ingredients. There will also be tastings available. Participants will gather in the Assembly Room prior to embarking on the tour. 

Fee: $60.00; includes beer tasting; must be 21+ to register