2016 Call

Call for Papers and Panels

2016 Central States Communication Association (CSCA)

Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan

April 13-17, 2016


The Public Relations Division welcomes submissions of papers and panel proposals for the 2016 CSCA Conference. Any topic related to public relations is welcome; however, we especially encourage submissions that focus on the theme of the convention: Foundations of Teaching, Research, Service, and Creative Collaboration. Additionally, we strongly encourage undergraduate and graduate student papers. We also encourage programs that incorporate public relations practitioners through roundtable discussion panels or other formats. A variety of formats are also welcome, including competitive paper panels. 

Guidelines for Submission:

1. Please note the following directions for paper and panel proposals:

Papers:  Must conform to APA standards and need a detachable title page that allows the author(s) identity/identities to be concealed. Remove all author references in the text of the paper. Please indicate on the title page if the author(s) is/are CSCA member(s), student(s), and/or debut CSCA participant(s). Top papers will be recognized, and the Dan Millar Award will be presented to the overall top paper. All papers must be accompanied by a competitive paper submission form available on the CSCA website. The word “Student” should be marked on all papers written by student authors. Student authored papers do not include those co-authored with faculty members.

Panel proposals:  Individuals proposing panels must complete and use the CSCA Panel Proposal Request Form available on the CSCA website. Panel submissions must also include the following: 1) a title, 2) a brief abstract, 3) the name of the person responsible for the program, 4) a complete list of each panel participant's name, institutional affiliation, address, phone number, and email address, and 5) a 200 word abstract for each paper or explanation of each participant’s purpose/perspective. Please indicate if participants are CSCA members.

2. Submit all papers and panel proposals electronically as a MICROSOFT WORD attachment to the program planner listed below. In the text of the e-mail submission, please include title page information to include:  the title, institutional affiliation(s) and address(es) of author(s), phone number(s), and e-mail address(es). For panel proposals, be sure to use the CSCA Panel Proposal Request Form available on the CSCA website. All technology requests must be made at the time of submission.

Send all submissions electronically to: Robert S. Littlefield, Ph.D., r.littlefield@ndsu.edu

Deadline:  Submissions must be received by midnight CST October 3, 2015. Only complete papers and panel proposals will be considered.