Reviewing a Manuscript

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How do I become an editorial review board member?

Editorial board memberships are extended solely by invitation from the Editor. Prospective board members are identified and then recruited based on their expertise, areas of specialization, and record.

What is the difference between being an Ad Hoc and Full Board Member?

An Ad Hoc (AH) reviewer will usually have a lighter manuscript review load than a full board member. Additionally, an AH reviewer may serve for a shorter time period, one-two years, dependent on need and performance.

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How long am I an editorial review board member?

Full Board memberships are sustained for three years upon acceptance.

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What are the responsibilities of an editorial review board member?

The Editor asks that all board members review ms, which have been submitted for potential publication. Board members are petitioned to review and carefully read, support their evaluations with relevant citations, and help the author(s) construct tighter pieces by providing constructive feedback (keeping in mind our 25-page text limit not counting references and tables). The reviewer's input, drawn from his/her skills and experience, is absolutely essential in publishing high quality scholarship. It would be most helpful if the analysis addresses the importance of the topic, relevance to the Journal's diverse audiences, methodological/theoretical appropriateness, literature review quality, conceptual/operational soundness, and writing style. Reviewers are also requested to make suggestions where content could be edited/omitted or where tabular data (if applicable) could be included within the text.

To learn more about CS' ethical guidelines, please refer to "What are the ethical standards governing the Journal?", located in the About the Journal section.

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How many manuscripts do I have to review? 

Due to the volume of manuscripts submitted to the journal, each full member should expect the review load to be 8-10 manuscripts per year.

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