States Advisory Council

The States Advisory Council serves as a primary channel for communication between and among the 13 states in the Central States region in matters pertaining to professional activities in the 13 states. Each state may nominate two representatives who attend meetings at the CSCA and the NCA annual conventions. 

Bylaws of the States Advisory Council


Chair:  Randy Dillon, Missouri State University
Vice-Chair: Anna Wright, Illinois State University
Secretary: David Wendt, Keokuk High School/Southeastern Community College

2016 Program Planner: Randy Dillon,

Illinois: BJ Lawrence and Christine Bruckner          
Iowa: David Wendt, Julie Simanski
Michigan: Tushar Oza
Minnesota:  Diana Rehling and Renee Strom
Missouri: Scott Jensen, Randy Dillon
Nebraska: John Heineman
North Dakota:  Eric Grabowsky
Oklahoma: Arlie Daniel
Wisconsin: Deborrah Uecker

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