April 24, 2014

Teaching Persuasion: A Revolt

Narragansett A

Thursday, April 24 9:30-10:45                                                             Narragansett A

Teaching Persuasion:  A Revolt

Presenter:         Richard E. Vatz, Towson University
                          D. L. Stephenson, Western Connecticut State University

Presents a new paradigm for Persuasion and Rhetoric.  Attendees will be able to explain how persuasion is effected – why some persuasion succeeds and some fails; why some is sustainable and some is not; and what persuasive goals are possible and what persuasive goals are impossible.  The course will explicate the Persuasion and Rhetoric Salience- Agenda/Meaning-Spin theory and a new Persuasion course’s “Article Rewrite Assignment.”  This new approach has implications that with some elaboration, according to University of Pittsburgh Emeritus Professor of Rhetoric Trevor Melia, “could well replace much that passes for rhetorical theory today.”

Syllabus for Short Course:  Teaching Persuasion a Revolt

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