April 25, 2014

Sport Communication: A Shift Back to Theory

Narragansett B

Friday, April 25 8:00-9:15                                                          Narragansett B   

Sport Communication:  A Shift Back to Theory

Presenters:        Dariela Rodriguez, Ashland University
                          Gwen Nisbett, University of North Texas
                          Jennifer Hartsfield, Bridgewater State University
                          Stephanie Schartel Dunn, University of Oklahoma

Participants will be exposed to the creation of courses combining sport studies, communication theory, and communication research used to help predict and explain a variety of sport related phenomena.  A growing number of communication studies departments are including sport communication courses as part of the curriculum, either via course offerings or fully developed programs.  The growth of sport communication as a discipline has included a shift away from media and rhetoric as a sole basis for investigation and back to a social science analysis of sport from a theoretical and practical perspective.  

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