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Meeting Minutes for HIT/CAT at 2006 ECA Conference

Meeting Minutes for HIT/CAT at 2006 ECA Conference

Meeting called to order at 9:25 am

Cathy thanked everyone who was a reader for the 2006 conference.

Because of several new members, introductions were made around the room.

Top paper awards were presented and Cathy gave a brief description of each one.

Current Business:

Executive Committee meeting recap
Wendy Sumner is the new CRR editor
The new vice presidents appear to be fiscally conservative
ECA is looking for a new Executive Director

HIT currently has 51 members which gives us 5 session slots

This year there was a total of 10 paper/panel submissions

The new chair is Cathy Wright

Theme for the 2007 Conference is Intersections and it will be held in Rhode Island

The call for paper will go out in June and September. October 15 is the deadline.

Media Ecology would like to co-sponsor a panel with HIT.

It was requested that the members of the group talk HIT up for the 2007 conference.

AV equipment is not readily available therefore presenters will be responsible for their own equipment.

Roxanne may be able to provide an LCD unit from her school.

Think about individual papers/debates/roundtables

Media Ecology�Blogs & Websites in Political communication

Vice President select-elect: Candace Thomas-Maddox; they need a second name

New Vice Chair for HIT is Jason Cook


Vote taken on whether to:

1. Do nothing
2. Join with Mass Comm.
3. Change name

Mass Comm. voted to merge with HIT.

HIT needs to work on theory building.

HIT voted not to merge.

Call to everyone will include a paragraph on what it is HIT does.

Try to share panels with Medial Ecology and Mass Comm.

Name Change from HIT to:

Communication & Technology
Technology of Communication
Technology Mediated Communication


Send email/call for papers to all of ECA and post it on CRTNET

Put the Bylaws of �who we are/what we do� in the call for papers.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 by Cathy.

*Reminder of panel thoughts�M.E.O.W. Panel by C.A.T.