Short Courses

106th Annual ECA Convention
Deliberation: Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
April 22-26, 2015

2015 CALL FOR Short Courses
Short Course Template

Submission Deadline: October 15, 2014

ECA invites submissions for short courses to be included in its 2015 annual convention program.  Our 2015 convention will be held in Philadelphia with the theme “Deliberation: Philadelphia.” Deliberation, the process of sharing ideas in groups and then molding, altering, and developing them, is an ideal premise for short courses that truly serve our membership.

Short Course Information

ECA has long-standing tradition of pursuing short course proposals that are innovative and informational. The purpose of our short courses is to provide an opportunity for people to participate in interactive sessions on topics of interest and take home information that can be incorporated into their classrooms and workplace. With this in mind, and given our Deliberation theme and the results of our membership survey, we encourage submissions on a variety of subjects, but want to especially encourage short courses that focus on pedagogical issues. Of particular interest to members would be short courses that focused on the use of assessment tools and rubrics, the integration of technology into the classroom, and/or the teaching of a particular course in communication. Some important reminders for those interested in creating a short course are:

  • Short courses should be no more than 90 minutes in length. Be sure to state the length of time in your proposal, as those without time listings cannot be properly programmed. (If your course has a strong rationale for the need of more time, provide the rationale and willingness to be programmed if the extra time cannot be programmed.
  • Presenters will be expected to provide all participants with take home materials.
  • The short course should be formatted as a workshop that encourages participant interaction and should not be linked to the promotion of a book.
  • Facilitators of short courses should be sufficiently qualified to speak on the particular subject matter proposed. Please provide the explanation of qualifications of expertise of subject matter in your submission.
  • It is highly encouraged to submit proposals for short courses with more than one presenter and with representation from more than one institution.

If you are interested in submitting a short course to ECA 2015, please use the Short Course Template that includes all necessary submission elements

Submission deadline is October 15, 2014.  Please send your completed submissions as a Word file attachment (.docx or .doc formats are acceptable) to the 2015 Short Course Co-Chairs, Jason Edwards and Pamela Marshall, at   Please use “ECA 2015 Short Course Submission” as the subject line. All submissions will go through a peer review to determine acceptances.

 Professional Responsibility Statement

When submitting your short-course proposal, the following statement MUST be included.   

The facilitators of TITLE HERE, recognize that this submission is considered a professional responsibility. If this submission is accepted and programmed, I/We agree to register for the 2015 ECA Convention, pay fees, and present in Philadelphia. I/We understand that presenters with last minute emergencies must make arrangements as possible for an alternate presenter as well as communicate their absences to both the Interest Group Planner and ECA VP; no shows will be removed from the official program.”

For any additional information regarding the short course call for submissions, please contact: