About ECA

Interest Group: Community College

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community College Interest Group is to promote the scholarship of teaching among community college communication professionals. The division explores a broad range of undergraduate, career training, and lifelong learning issues within the discipline.

Programs and initiatives focus on the ways in which communication theory, research, and skills can best serve the educational need of diverse learning communities. The division actively promotes instructional innovation and provides opportunities for professional collaboration.

IG Contacts

Chair: Jenny Warren; Collin College
Secretary: Shawn Starcher; Kent State University
EC Rep (term begins Sunday 2014/ends Thursday 2016): Jessica Papajcik, Stark State College
EC Rep (term begins Sunday 2016/ends Thursday 2018): to be elected in 2015
2017 Planner:

Community College – GIFTS PLANNER

2016 Planner: Cheryl Wilson, Harrisburg Area Community College