About ECA

Interest Group: Interpersonal Communication

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Interpersonal interest Group is to focus on research topics including, but not limited to personal relationships as well as relationships in the workplace. Personal relationships encompass families, friendships, romantic relationships, the way messages are designed and interpreted, conflict, and contexts. Organizational relationships explore culture in the work environment, friendships, and small group communication. Theoretical and applied studies are welcomed.

IG Contacts

Chair: Marianne Dainton, La Salle University
Secretary: Shannon Carton; West Virginia University
EC Rep EC Rep (term begins Sunday 2017/ends Thursday 2019): Mary King, Bloomsburg University
EC Rep EC Rep (term begins Sunday 2015/ends Thursday 2017): Katy Neary Dunleavy, La Salle University
2018 Planner: Meredith Marko Harrigan, SUNY Geneseo


None at this time.