About ECA

Interest Group: Rhetoric and Public Address

Mission Statement

 (DRAFT) The Rhetoric & Public Address Interest Group conceives its mission as the scholarly study of rhetorical artifacts, modes, theories, and practitioners from a host of cultures and traditions, and their profound implications for public life in local, national, and transnational contexts. We celebrate a rich tradition of studying classic speeches and speakers, while also encompassing an expanded view of the nature of rhetorical inquiry into visual, material, and performative media and the recovery of often historically marginalized voices and movements. Through a diversity of lenses, R&PA Interest Group members examine particularly the tensions between “text” and “context” as they touch upon perennially important debates around history, power, ideology, ethics, and social change.

IG Contacts

Chair: Michael Stutz, Three River Community College
Secretary: Guiliana Sorce, Penn State University
EC Rep (term begins Sunday 2015/ends Thursday 2017): Christine Hirsch; SUNY Oswego
EC Rep (term begins Sunday 2017/ends thrusday 2019): Abbe Depretis, Temple University
2018 Co-PlannersValerie Schrader, Penn State Schuylkill; Christine Hirsch; SUNY Oswego 


None at this time.