About ECA

Interest Group: Voices of Diversity

Mission Statement

The purpose of the interest group is to explore the various theories and practices that pertain to the research, teaching, and study of communication within, between, and among diverse communities, especially as these communities are affected and/or marginalized culturally, economically, institutionally, politically, psychologically, and socially because of age, class, disabilities, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion or sexual orientation. The Voices of Diversity Interest Group seeks to facilitate dissemination and discussion of such theories and practices within the field of communication studies." 

IG Contacts

Chair: Dan Strasser; Rowan University
Secretary: Lance Bennett, West Chester University
EC Rep (term begins Sunday 2015/ends Thursday 2017): Truman R. Keys; Western Connecticut State University
2017 Planner: Elizabeth Whittington, Clayton State University