Communication Research Reports


Annette M. Holba
Plymouth State University
MSC 60, 17 High Street
Plymouth, NH 03264

Communication Research Reports publishes brief empirical articles (approximately 10 double-spaced pages or less excluding tables and references) on a variety of topics of human communication.  Empirical studies in the general contexts of interpersonal, organizational, communication traits, intercultural, nonverbal, small group, health, persuasion, mass, political, relational, computer mediated, life-span, and instructional communication are appropriate for submission.  Consistent with the mission of the journal, the main portion of submitted manuscripts should focus on the method, results, and interpretation of the results.  However, manuscripts must contain a concise theoretical rationale and relevant literature review. 

Particular manuscripts may be designated as a Brief Report.  At the discretion of the Editor, manuscripts that are designated as such will have gone through the complete review process (as full length manuscripts), provide value for the readership, yet not warrant a full-length article. Brief reports will be no longer than 3 to 5 pages (excluding tables and references) with the focus highlighting a specific finding and implications for the discipline.  All sections traditionally included in a manuscript will be required, but must be brief and to the point.  All extraneous information must be eliminated.  Manuscripts that are submitted as a Brief Report will not be reviewed.  The Brief Report designation is a function of editorial decision.  Also at the discretion of the Editor will be one manuscript per issue designated as a Spotlight on Method/Analysis piece.  These articles will be solicited by the Editor and will be 5-8 pages in length (excluding tables and references) highlighting topics that will range from novel methodological approaches and/or statistical techniques to common misconceptions/issues of contemporary controversy related to method/analysis. Each issue of CRR will contain one such manuscript that will be solicited and/or determined by the Editor. 

Review Policy.  Manuscripts will be blind-reviewed by at least two experts in the relevant subject matter.  These evaluations will constitute the basis for the Editor’s decision.  Communication Research Reports is committed to completing the review process as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Manuscripts that do not conform to submission guidelines will not be reviewed.  No manuscript submitted for review can be previously published or be under consideration by any other journal at the time of submission.

Submission of Full-Length Manuscripts.  Communication Research Reports will accept all manuscript submissions electronically via the ScholarOne Manuscripts website located at technical support regarding the ScholarOne Manuscripts system, you may contact them at  For all other inquiries, please contact Communication Research Reports at   Submitted manuscripts must be the original work of the author(s) and have all identifiers removed from the document.  Authors should submit their files per the submission protocol found on ScholarOne.  Manuscripts should be prepared using MS WORD and must conform to the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  All general inquiries about the journal, it policies, or procedures should be directed to Annette M. Holba, Editor. 

Proofs.  One set of page proofs will be sent to the designated corresponding author.  Proofs should be checked and returned promptly as directed. 

Complimentary Policy/Reprints.  Each corresponding author will receive 50 complimentary reprints of their article upon registration with Rightslink, our authorized reprint provider.  Authors will need to create a unique account and register with Rightslink for this free service.  Complimentary reprints are not available past publication.  Each corresponding author will also receive one complimentary copy of the issue in which their article appears.