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Office of Health Transformation Releases Strategic Plan; Comments on PASSPORT

Strategic Plan

The Office of Health Transformation (OHT) recently released a strategic plan for moving forward with new implementations from the biennial budget bill. OHT Director Greg Moody says “calls for bold initiatives in the New Year to streamline health and human services and engage private sector partners to improve overall health system performance.” Interested in reviewing the strategic plan? Contact Katie Rogers.

OHT Passport Letter

On December 16, Ohio Democratic U.S. Representatives Kucinich, Fudge, Ryan, Kaptur and Sutton, with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, sent a letter to Governor John Kasich requesting that the successful Ohio PASSPORT program for low-income seniors and disabled persons not be privatized (click here to read their letter). Moody replied that there are no plans to privatize PASSPORT, further stating that “we are considering changes to the program that will bring it in line with priorities established when Congress enacted federal health care reform.” Click here to read Greg Moody's letter. 

Eligibility Subcommittee

The Nursing Facility Eligibility Subcommittee of the Unified Long-Term Care System Advisory Workgroup has reviewed the process of making Medicaid eligibility determinations for individuals seeking nursing facility services. The report contains consensus agreement on the path that should be taken to improve the Medicaid eligibility determination process of an individual entering a nursing facility. Midwest Care Alliance is following these activities, click here to read the report.