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CMS, Hospice and Part D- Take Action Alert

*****TAKE ACTION NOW!*****


Dear Hospice Members,

We know many of you have been following the situation with CMS regarding hospice and Part D. Congressional hospice champions Mike Thompson and Tom Reed have drafted a letter to CMS urging them to slow down their process and bring together stakeholders on the issue. They are looking for other Members of Congress to co-sign the letter before they send it next Friday, 12/13.

NHPCO’s advocacy arm, HAN, has put together a video and an action alert. MCA is encouraging Members to write to your Members of Congress to participate. We will have more information this week.

Below is NHPCO’s message. It’s a full-court press!

You may have been following the recent developments around the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issuing new directives regarding hospice & Medicare Part D. If you haven’t, we don’t blame you- it’s a very complex subject.

However, it’s a pressing issue that the hospice community needs to take action on- today. We need you to write your Members of Congress on this issue- hospice needs your help!

How can I write Congress if I don’t understand the issue, you say? Not to worry. Click the image below to view a Hospice Action Network ‘Policy Points’ video that explains the situation and what you can do to help. The hospice community needs Congress to tell CMS to halt their activity in this area before the House adjourns for the year, next Friday, December 13th- the clock is running!

Hospice and Part D Alert

Click the picture or click here to watch the video and take action!

Thanks for your advocacy- together we’re working for the future of hospice care in the United States!


Tony Kudner                                                                  Jeff Lycan
Program Manager, Grassroots Advocacy                      President/CEO
NHPCO Hospice Action Network                                    Midwest Care Alliance