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Take Action to Delay Implementation of the Rebasing Rule



*****Take Action Now!!!*****

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NAHC and MCA Urge Members to Contact their Senators and Representatives to DELAY IMPLEMENTATION of the Rebasing Rule

December 6, 2013
NAHC and MCA are encouraging all of its members to join with other home care and hospice advocates to highlight issues surrounding the Medicare home health rebasing relief and protect home care from further payment cuts and co-pays. 
NAHC recently updated its Legislative Action Network (NAHC LAN) to reflect new developments - including CMS' issuing its Final Rule on Rebasing, budget negotiations, and efforts to fix the flawed Medicare physician payment formula. 
Send a message to your Senators and Representatives urging them to:
1) Delay implementation of the rebasing rule and require CMS to reconsider the rule and set payment rates that ensure access to home health care services (Write Your Legislators), and
2) Reject any proposal to use home health (Write Your Legislators) payment cuts or co-pays as a means to offset the cost of fixing the Medicare physician payment formula, for deficit reduction, or other purposes.
Please find more detailsbelow about next week's March on the Capitol.


Why Now?

NAHC seeks to secure improvements in the recently issued Medicare rebased rates and to ensure that the Medicare home health benefit is exempted from any further cuts. Two major pieces of legislation will come before the Congress in what is expected to be the last days in which they will be in session in 2013.
For more information, please see November 13, 2013’s NAHC Report.
1) The Members of a Special House-Senate Budget Committee have until Friday, December 13 to report their recommended budget for 2014. NAHC seeks to make sure that neither across the board cuts nor co-payments is included.
2) The Senate Finance Committee will be marking up the SGR extension or so-called “Doc Fix” whose purpose is to rescue Medicare participating physicians from about a 20 percent cut in their fees. This presents the home health community with the opportunity to secure congressional support for a rescission, improvement, or delay of the Medicare rate rule. In addition, home care must ensure that Congress does not look to home health or hospice for the offsetting revenues to make up for the cost of a permanent or short-term “doc fix.”
3) On November 22, CMS released their final “rebasing” rule updating the Medicare prospective payment system rate. NAHC’s position is that home care has already taken disproportionate cuts and should be exempted from any payment cuts, co-payments or deductibles. MCA strongly supports this position. 
NAHC and its allies are seeking relief directly from the House and Senate from the onerous and unwarranted rate rebasing regulation which may force more than half of all Medicare providers out of business by the end of 2017.