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Honor Flight recognizes American veterans for your sacrifices and achievements by flying you to Washington, DC to see YOUR memorial at no cost. Top priority is given to WW II and terminally ill veterans from an wars. In the future, Honor Flight will be expanded to include Korean and Vietnam veterans. In order for Honor Flight to achieve this goal, guardians fly with the veterans on every flight providing assistance and helping veterans have a safe, memorable and rewarding experience. Click on the following links for more information, or contact Carole Quackenbush at (513) 742-6310.

Honor Flight-The Movie showings at Ohio Veterans Home in Sandusky, Ohio and Palace Theater in Lorain, Ohio.  Photos courtesy of Stein Hospice.
Students and Veteran at Honor Flight The Movie Showing Al Revercomb and Veteran at Honor Flight The Movie Showing Students and Veteran at Honor Flight The Movie Showing -2


Honoring Yesterday's Heroes - Honor Flight Dayton

In addition to escorting WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and terminally-ill War Veterans from any war to Washington, DC, Honor Flight Dayton also proudly honors (1) deceased Veterans who never saw their memorials and (2) living Veterans who may never be able to see their memorials. We accomplish this at the memorials by conducting a ceremony that is referred to as Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes. It is our desire to show the respect so richly deserved to the Veterans who fall into these categories.  For more information and to visit the Honoring Yesterday's Heroes webpage, click here.

If you are interested in participating in the Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes  program, click on the links below to obtain the required form(s).

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Upcoming 2016 HVP Meetings


February 10

Midwest Care Alliance Offices; Columbus, OH

April 13

Midwest Care Alliance Offices; Columbus, OH

June 8

Midwest Care Alliance Offices; Columbus, OH

August 10

Midwest Care Alliance Offices; Columbus, OH

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Educational Materials

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Events in the Community

Contact Bobbi Dolan to submit information for listing in this section.



Stars For Our Troops

Find out more about how you and we can show support to those that have served and those that are serving. The Stars For Our Troops Mission is to support its members and family especially those currently serving on deployments.  Visit the website to find out how to send a Veteran or a currently serving soldier these remarkable stars.  For more information, CLICK HERE.


"I Served" Stickers

Order -i -served -graphic -png -250

Operation HomeFront started an effort to provide a small "thank you" to those who have sacrificed for our nation's security.  These stickers provide a way for Veterans to identify themselves so others can also recognize them and say thanks.  For more information on Operation HomeFront and to order "I Served" Stickers, CLICK HERE.


Spirit of 45

KEEP THE SPIRIT OF '45 ALIVE! is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots campaign commemorating the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II. They are working to bring communities across America together to preserve and promote the legacy of the WWII generation!
CLICK HERE to visit the Spirit of 45 website to learn more!


Welcome Johnny & Jane Home Project

The Welcome Johnny & Jane Home Project works by connecting veterans and nonveterans through the simple act of one nonveteran listening to a veteran from any era.   This project is helping veterans through the power of human connection. To visit the Welcome Johnny & Jane Home Project website, CLICK HERE.


Missing In America Project

The purpose of the MIA Project is to locate, identify, and inter the unclaimed cremated remains of American Veterans through the joint efforts of private, state, and federal organizations.  To provide honor and respect to those who have served this country by securing a final resting place for these forgotten heroes.  For more information and to visit the website, CLICK HERE.




Articles of Interest

HVP Honor Flight VITAS Korean War VetVITAS Innovative Hospice Care - Carole Quackenbush, Veterans Liaison at VITAS, and Korean War Veteran, John Seeck headed out on Honor Flight.


Mount Carmel Hospice and Palliative Care Veteran Hospice Volunteers
(Link sent in by Lori Yosick, Executive Director at Mount Carmel Hospice and Palliative Care)

On the Fourth of July, ABC6 highlighted the work Mount Carmel Hospice and Palliative Care does with patients through the Veteran to Veteran program. This is where a volunteer who is a veteran is paired with a patient who is a veteran. You can view the story by following this link.

Thank you to Steve Teaford and Betsy Queen for helping coordinate the volunteers featured in the story and for coming in to help Bailey Cultice with the story on the holiday.

Genesis Hospice Recognizes First We Honor Veterans Recipient
(Article sent in by Becky Joseph, Marketing & Public Relations Clinical Specialist, at Genesis Hospice)


Genesis Resident John Mathews Rep Bill Johnson

Genesis Hospice Care recently recognized its first veteran in the “We Honor Veterans” campaign. John Mathews, age 92, received the recognition for his service in World War II.

Genesis Hospice is a partner in the national campaign to provide care and support to veterans. “There are a lot of veterans in our area. We’re honored to be able to provide unique type of care that addresses the special needs of people who have served our country,” said Rebecca Jenei, R.N., BSN, director of Genesis Hospice Care. Genesis Hospice is the only hospice in the area to become a national partner in the “We Honor Veterans” campaign and achieve a Level One status.

Mathews was honored with an emeritus pin from Shelly Winkle, R.N., a nurse in Genesis Hospice Care. He served in Austria helping free Jewish citizens and also fought in the Battle of the Bulge. “John was full of compassion, and he inspired us in Hospice to help recognize him. Without our veterans, we wouldn’t be the free nation that we are today,” Winkle said. During the presentation at his home near Norwich surrounded by family, Mathews also received a proclamation from Bill Johnson, U.S. Representative from the 6th U.S. Congressional District.





Flag is Donated In Honor of Veterans to Genesis Hospice Care
(Article sent in by Becky Joseph, Marketing & Public Relations Clinical Specialist, at Genesis Hospice)

Genesis Hospice Care recently received an American Flag for the "We Honor Veterans" campaign. The flag was donated by Jeff Dittmar Insurance in Zanesville.  Dittmar is a veteran, and wanted to contribute to the "We Honor Veterans" program at Genesis Hospice to recognize other veterans for their service.

The flag is displayed at Morrison House in a special area dedicated to veterans. Genesis Hospice has a Level One status in the "We Honor Veterans" campaign, and is the only hospice in the area earning the distinction.

"We're honored to be able to provide this special care for veterans in our area," said Rebecca Jenei, RN, BSN, Director of Genesis Hospice Care. Caregivers and volunteers received training to address the special needs of people who have served our country.


Article sent in by Stein Hospice:HVP Vietnam Vets Marching
One of our volunteers at Stein Hospice, Richard Long, is a Vietnam Veteran.  His daughter, Michelle, lives in Brimfield, Ohio which is host to an annual festival called “Brimfest”.  This year the police chief in that town, David Oliver, put a call out to Vietnam Veterans to lead the annual parade which is a kick off to the festival.  

Richard cameHVP Vet Richard Long to Stein Hospice to ask if he could purchase some of our wristbands that say “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans”.   We gave him a slightly better deal!  We donated 300 Vietnam Veteran Welcome Home Bead key chains.  Veterans in both Ohio Veterans Home facilities in Georgetown and Sandusky make these key chains. These key chains can only be made by Vietnam Veterans and given to a Vietnam Veteran only by another Vietnam Veteran. What a privilege it was to have a part in welcoming home so many Vietnam Veterans!

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Dayton Area Veteran Awarded Congressional Gold Medal. Click here to read the complete article in the Dayton Daily News. Article sent in by Kathy Smith, Veteran Care Coordinator at Hospice of Dayton.



 Noah Esposito Washington DC TripThe letter below is from Noah Esposito, an 8th grade student at Margaretta and son of Stein employee, Angie Esposito, regarding his experiences on his class trip to Washington D.C. Stein furnished the class with bracelets that say, “thank you for your service”.  Each student was given 2 and were told about the importance of thanking a Veteran and to try to give these bracelets away to a Veteran they met.

Thanking a Veteran By: Noah Esposito

My experience thanking a veteran has changed the way I look at people who have served our country. Thanking a veteran is more than what it seems; it is a feeling of pride that I have never felt before. The stories that some of the veterans told me were scary, and I could not believe they would willingly endure such experiences. Thanking a veteran is a good feeling, seeing their faces light up just by me saying “Thank you for your service” makes me feel proud..

I was nervous to thank my first veteran, but then it turned out to be a very good experience. In Washington D.C., I saw a man with a hat that said Marines in a gift shop; I went up and said “Excuse me sir, have you served in the military?”.  He turned to me and said, “Yes I have.”.  I told him “Thank you for your service,” and proceeded to give him the bracelet. The veteran said “No you keep it,” I said “But sir it's for you”. The man gave it back and asked me if I knew why he served. I was puzzled he said, “I want you to keep the bracelet to remember I served for you, and for your family to be free and safe today”. That had brought a tear to my eye.  I wiped my eyes and he hugged me. To me thanking that veteran was a great feeling, and I will never forget that.

Noah Esposito Thanking a VeteranThe next veteran I thanked was at the Vietnam wall. That day there were workers that were all veterans painting chains and cleaning up. Many of my friends had thanked some veterans and  I wanted to thank one too. As we were leaving I spotted  a veteran, I went over to thank him. Something was different about this man; unlike the others he had a hat on that said Vietnam veteran. I asked if he served in the military and he said yes, then I asked if he served in Vietnam, and he said he had. I then said “welcome home”. He said that when he got home he had never heard anyone say that to him.  He began to tear up, and then I felt bad. It turns out he was crying from happiness because I was the first one to welcome him home. That experience made me realize how important it is to welcome home a Vietnam veteran.

Thanking a veteran has changed the way I looked at the people who serve our country. Before my school trip to Washington D.C., I had never thanked a veteran, doing it for the first time made me nervous, but it turned out to be a great feeling. From now on when I see a veteran I will be sure to thank him or her. Thanking a veteran to me is a great feeling that will always stay with me, and I will encourage everyone to say “Thank you” to a veteran.


Summa at Home Veteran volunteer Shares a 'Common Ground' with Veterans. Click here to read the complete article in the Stow Sentry. Article sent in by Summa at Home - Hospice & Palliative Care.

Veterans Event Draws Crowd
Article sent in by Stein Hospice in Sandusky, Ohio.

Hospice Celebrates Lorain Veteran's Life and Service
Click here to read the full Morning Journal article.

Veterans Pinning, HVP Presentation

Click on the links below to read any of the articles about this event on June 3, 2011.

Wesleyan Village Ceremony Honors Veterans
Article sent in by New Life Hospice

A Salute to School
Article sent in by Kathy Smith, Hospice of Dayton.

Remembrance Walk, Hospice of Dayton 
November 7 was the Remembrance Walk sponsored by Hospice of Dayton. This annual walk honors and recognizes the memories of people whom we have had the privilege to serve at end of life. 

Hospice of Dayton's first HVP "pinnings" were this day, remembering the Veterans who had been with HOD during their last days. Family members who were walking in their memory received the HVP pin, as did many family members who were veterans walking that day receive their HVP pin. As this Saturday was so close to Veterans Day the next Wednesday,  HOD blended that special day of recognition with the Walk. The "pinnings" were offered by two of Hospice of Dayton Account Managers, Rob Liput, who is active military in the US Army Reserves, and Don Trusty, retired Air Force.

Seventy-five veterans were pinned that beautiful Fall day. The flags of all Branches were flying, and will be present with future Veteran patient "pinnings" when branch of military service is identified.

Since November 7, Hospice of Dayton has pinned 58 patients who have been admitted for hospice services, as well as recognized 11 staff who are veterans. The stories are overwhelming. The latest being last week, when a patient was newly admitted to the Hospice of Dayton CC as an inpatient. A social worker was in the hallway (and had been educated on the HVP, and the veteran pinnings), speaking with a family member who was very tearful, offering comfort and support. 

While talking, she discovered the newly admitted patient was a veteran. His family was coming in that evening from Colorado. The social worker submitted a Volunteer request to plan a pinning. A Veteran Volunteer had just completed a pinning request in the IPU and stayed that evening until family arrived and pinned this Veteran who was declining rapidly. It was the entire team of Hospice of Dayton who made this a very special time for this patient, family, and staff. 

The Veteran Pinnings have touched so many families, patients, and staff in a very special way, as Hospice of Dayton now includes the Military History Assessment, and the veteran "pinning" into the Plan of Care for each patient who is a veteran, and family.

Vietnam veteran who battled post-traumatic stress is now in his final fight
Article sent in by Hospice of the Western Reserve.

Vietnam generation begins to fade as death rate rises for war's veterans
Article sent in by Hospice of the Western Reserve.

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