April 23, 2013

Spring Reimbursement Meeting

Anticipating Big Changes in Reimbursement Cementing our Foundation

The Johnson Center - Cleary University, Howell, MI

This meeting's agenda is focused on obtaining a better understanding of the reimbursement rules all payers must follow related to oncology care in the State of Michigan.  To accomplish this MSHO has invited speakers to address many topics including;

  • Learn the different types of insurance plans and to which the laws apply to each
  • Understand the step for enforcement of Michigan’s Minimum Health Insurance Coverage Requirements for cancer treatment
  • Establish the coverage requirements related to Medicaid and Medicaid Advantage
  •  Unveil what to do in event of a RAC audit , indentifying a RAC audit and understanding the necessary steps to an appeal
  • Understand the basis of the Medicare program, what trumps what as well as the reimbursement rules for Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Identify the steps and successes to Administrative Law Judge Hearings

In addition to the exciting topics above WPS Medicare will provide a 2013 update for both our private practice members as well as a comprehensive, 2 hour break-out session on coding and billing of oncology services specifically for our outpatient members!

Whether you are a biller, manager, nurse or a physician, this is sure to be a meeting you can’t afford to miss.  




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