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Evaluation and Management – Observation vs Office Visit

Evaluation and Management – Time Based Documentation

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment

PICC Line Flush

Billing Bone Marrow Biopsy

New Drug Billing

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)

EHR Meaningful Use

Saline J7030

Oncology Billing Credentials

Medicare ABN

Physician Referral Law

New Patient

EHR reporting of PQRS

Time Based E & M

Prompt Pay & Spousal Liability

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Signature Attestation

Medicare's Rules for Drug Coverage under Incident-To Rule

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NP and Incident-To

Office Visit and Admission

Locum Tenens Guidelines

Locum Tenens – Resident Physicians

Locum Tenens Medicare Requirements

Use of Locum Tenens

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Verbal Orders


Standing Orders

Diagnosis Order

Push vs. Infusion


Ativan J2060

Midlevel Supervision of Staff


PQRS 2014

PQRS 2014

Bill for Hydration Physician Not in Suite

Medicare Regional Office for Michigan

Admin Code 96361 Prior to Date of Service July 1st

Codes to Use When Patient is Admitted to Hospital by His PCP

Discharge Care Coordination Codes

Medicare Advantage Plan How Long Do They Have To Pay Us?

Medicare Advantage -vs- Traditional Medicare

Documentation Printing For a Blue Cross POIT Audit

Do lab services fall under the “Incident to” rule?

Hiring a Scribe

PQRS Penalty

Discharging A Patient

Concurrent Infusion Coding

1-day/3-day CMS Rule

Nurse Practitioner Hospital Billing

Meeting with patient's family- patient is not present

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