May 16, 2013

Strategic Pricing for NAHAD Distributors: TeleCONNECT e-Seminar

Presented by Brent Grover, Evergreen Consulting, LLC



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In today’s volatile markets, distributors have to gain better control of their pricing. Strategic Pricing has enabled distributors to enjoy a sustained gross profit improvement of 150 to 300 basis points (1.5% to 3%) or more. Join Brent Grover in this NAHAD TeleCONNECT Webcast as he outlines how to execute a strategic pricing program to strengthen margins and simplify pricing management - relieving sales reps of the burden on managing their customers’ pricing, contracts, bids and constant vendor cost changes.

This Webcast will help you assess pricing opportunities and challenges in today's fast-changing wholesale distribution environment. You'll learn best practices in automating the pricing function while creating flexible pricing structures for today's complex markets.

 Strategic pricing topics addressed in this event:

  • Extracting and analyzing data from your ERP system
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Segmenting customers and product lines
  • Automating the pricing function
  • Best practices in executing a strategic pricing program

This session focuses on the latest value-based pricing strategies and tactics in distribution channels. Gather your team for this call to gain a shared understanding of the strategic implications of your pricing options.  

Who Should Attend:

This  NAHAD TeleCONNECT webcast  is designed for NAHAD members who have a direct role in developing and implementing their company’s pricing strategy. Participants include marketing, sales, product management, product development, business development, finance and marketing team members.

About our Speaker:

Brent Grover of Evergreen Consulting, LCC is the author of eight books including STRATEGIC PRICING FOR DISTRIBUTORS, published by NAW, and is an NAW Institute Research Fellow.


This TeleCONNECT seminar is $30 per location for NAHAD Members or $95 for Non-Members.

Access: The access information you will receive is only good for one phone line and one web screen. If you are planning for multiple people at your location to view this e-seminar, they must all view one screen and use speakerphone for the audio. To use more than one phone line and web screen, you will need to register based on the number of phone lines/web screens you will need for your audience.


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