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Benefits of Hose Safety Institute Membership

NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Members gain powerful and compelling education, training and marketing benefits that can help build their business, while connecting them with end-users and industry leaders who can help open new business opportunities. HSI membership benefits include:

  • Institute member company locator via 'Find an Institute Member' on HoseSafetyinstitute.org and HoseGuidelines.com, designed to attract end-users and industry professionals seeking to locate providers of safer, higher quality, more reliable hose assemblies
  • Use of the 'NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Member' logo for each eligible location
  • A Certificate recognizing the location as a NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Member
  • 70% off list price for each of the seven published Hose Assembly Specification Guides - valuable marketing and communications tools to share with your customers
  • Unrestricted access to the online Hose Assembly Specification Guides, Hose Assembly Design Guides and Hose Assembly Fabrication Guides
  • Customizable marketing brochures, portfolios, PowerPoint presentations and other promotional tools
  • Ten online Hose Assembly Guideline Exams and Certificates, providing great employee training / recognition and quality control tools to enhance your company's value
  • Access to the new Hose Safety Institute Advisory Council, working on your behalf to:
    • Directly connect end users and industry organizations with Institute members
    • Serve as the Institute's advisory body, identifying the latest industry issues and trends
    • Keep members abreast of new business opportunities
    • Influence regulatory agencies on behalf of Institute members
  • Nationwide promotion of the new Hose Safety Institute; a powerful new marketing tool for Institute members
  • The new Institute website - best practices and industry insights for members and their customers

The NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Program is an additional benefit for eligible NAHAD member companies. HSI annual fees are paid separately from your annual NAHAD membership dues.

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