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Hose Safety Institute logo

"The Hose Safety Institute has been the ideal environment for our Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) project, Matching Acquisition Strategies to Industrial Capabilities (MASIC), to interact effectively with the hose and accessories industry. It allows us to understand better what deters the industrial hose/fittings community from bidding on Government solicitations and what steps might be taken to improve industry response. NAHAD and the Institute have set the bar very high for future DLA-Industry relationship development. We couldn’t ask for more open and interested collaboration."

Jo Marie Diamond
HSI Advisory Council Member
CEO, East County Economic Development Council / leading DLA Connectory MASIC

Manufacturer/Associate Membership Requirements

NAHAD Manufacturer and Associate Member companies may become Hose Safety Institute Members by annually certifying their conformance to the Institute Membership Requirements, listed below. In addition to ongoing compliance with the NAHAD Membership requirements, a company representative must attest, in writing, to comply with the following Institute Membership requirements:

  1. Maintain at least one copy on premises of the Institute Handbook.
  2. Maintain a minimum of one company employee who has successfully passed the Hose Safety Institute Handbook exam for EACH hose assembly group (Industrial, Hydraulic, Composite, Fluoropolymer and/or Corrugated Metal) in which the company does business. The company may designate different individuals to cover the various hose assembly groups.
  3. Has designated a single point of contact (Training Coordinator) for managing the online exam process, who will:

    • support the work of the Institute Standards Committee, providing feedback and/or participating in working groups as needed, and,
    • be responsible for annually reviewing any changes or updates to the Guidelines materials and/or policies and ensuring their dissemination, as appropriate, throughout the company.
  4. Upon request by NAHAD, provide written evidence that all hose products sold by the company comply with appropriate existing industry manufacturing and performance standards.
  5. Maintain a written corporate quality program (e.g., ISO certification) that conforms to the standards listed in the Institute Handbook, a copy to be provided to NAHAD upon request.
  6. If the company also fabricates hose assemblies, the following conditions must also be met:

    • Fabricate all hose assemblies in conformance with the appropriate NAHAD Hose Assembly Fabrication & Design Guide.
    • Possess the ability in each assembly location to access and print the online NAHAD Hose Assembly Fabrication & Design Guide for each hose assembly group for which the company does business.
    • Possess the ability to effectively conduct the appropriate hydrostatic, electrical conductivity, or other tests of the finished assembly, as specified in the relevant Hose Assembly Guidelines.
    • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of regularly-scheduled calibrations for associated testing equipment.
    • Maintain a minimum of one person who has successfully passed the Hose Assembly Fabrication & Design Exam for EACH hose assembly group in which the company does business (the company may designate different individuals to cover the various hose assembly groups)
    • Maintain a well organized and environmentally controlled hose inventory that meets or exceeds requirements for inspections and storage of hose as outlined in the Institute Handbook (storage area, humidity and temperature, hose stacking methods, and general cleanliness of work environment).
    • Utilize hose tagging or identification methods in conformance with the Institute Handbook.