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Hose Safety Institute logo

"The Hose Safety Institute is able to reach across a 360 degree supply chain in order to get the most comprehensive analysis and agreement on best practices. Institute member distributors have the benefit of access to these best practices which results in the highest levels of confidence in their systems and processes." 

Rick Pitman


NAHAD’s Hose Safety Institute© provides a powerful forum for Distributors, Manufacturers, suppliers, end-users and industry organizations to support and promote hose assembly safety, quality and reliability.

*NEW* Update pack now available for the Hose Safety Institute Handbook

If you have purchased a Handbook in the past, you need this update which adds significant value; if your company participates in the testing program, several of the exams have been updated to reflect the new material.  Version 1.2 is the latest version; the pack includes instructions for replacing existing sections and pages

Purchase Here

Hose Safety Institute Hydroblast Whitepaper

This whitepaper documents best practices for ensuring safety and reliability of Hydroblast hose assembly applications (5,000 – 55,000 psi). Representing the consensus of many contributing companies and organizations, this white paper recommends best practices for the design, fabrication, and on-going maintenance of hose assemblies used in Hydroblasting applications.

 Click here to download

Eye on Safety and Reliability for Liquid Vacuum Operations NEW!

This whitepaper represents an on-going effort to document best practices for ensuring safety and reliability of Liquid Vacuum hose assembly applications. It is intended to represent the consensus of contributing companies and organizations as to the recommended best practices in the design, fabrication, and on-going maintenance of hose assemblies used in Vacuum applications, specifically Liquid Vacuum work. (See the end of this document for a list of contributing companies.)

Click here to download

Renew Your Institute Membership

Effective January 1, 2015, Hose Safety Institute annual membership dues will be renewable on a calendar year basis. You will be invoiced for the full year Institute Dues for each of your locations for the calendar year. The key contact from your company should have received an invoice. If your company has not received an invoice please contact the NAHAD office for a copy.

If you have any questions please call the NAHAD office at 410-940-6350 

Renew Your Distributor Institute Membership

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Get the hose safety institute handbook

Handbook for the Design & Specification of Hose Assemblies

The Institute’s Hose Assembly Guidelines include the HANDBOOK for the Design & Specification of Hose Assemblies (see 70-page Sample below) and the online Fabrication and Design Guides, which together provide Hsi Sample Coverindustry-leading performance standards for hose assembly specification, design, fabrication, handling and management. 

The HANDBOOK is the industry Guide to hose assembly safety, providing an exceptional resource for employee training and recognition and a superb resource for sharing with customers; 312 pages, 93 charts, 319 photos & images! Purchase your copy of the Handbook below. NOTE: Institute Members have free access to the complete E-version of the Handbook here!

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The Institute is managed by NAHAD’s Standards Committee and supported by the end-users and industry experts serving on the Hose Safety Institute Advisory Council.


  • Promote and maintain the NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines;
  • Identify emerging issues and critical applications related to hose assemblies;
  • Serve as a forum for addressing industry issues, providing appropriate input to the NAHAD Standards Committee and ensure ongoing industry dialogue and communications; 
  • Provide educational resources and tools to Institute Members and to end-users who support hose assembly quality, safety and reliability; and,
  • Identify and engage industry organizations and related agencies involved in, or impacting, hose safety, quality and reliability.


  • Hose Safety Institute Members - NAHAD Distributor, Manufacturer, and Associate members who have met a stringent set of requirements demonstrating their support for, and compliance with, NAHAD’s Hose Assembly Guidelines.
    See the NAHAD Hose Safety Institute Distributor Member Application.
  • Hose Safety Institute Advisory Council Members - End-Users representing various hose markets who have particular expertise, experience in, and/or a broad range of perspectives regarding hose safety. The Council serves as a forum for providing evaluation, review and feedback regarding the Hose Assembly Guidelines, as well as addressing key issues, emerging technologies and/or processes related to hose assembly safety, quality and reliability. Council members are drawn from academia, industry, standards/regulatory bodies, related associations and/or industry groups and government agencies. Review the Institute Advisory Council requirements HERE.