Presentations are subject to change. The conference program book will contain the final presentations and time slots.

Session descriptions will be posted in shortly.

Program Series I
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
3:05 – 4:15 pm

#100 Helping Youth Realize Imagined Futures: A Longitudinal Study from 10th Grade to 2 Years into Postsecondary Training
Richard Lapan, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Tim Poynton, University of Massachusetts Boston

#101 Intersection of Career Counseling and Psychosocial Adjustment to Disability For Adults with Acquired Disabilities
Tina Anctil, Portland State University

#102 Training and Supervision for the Next Generation of Career Counselors
Janet Lenz, Emily Kennelly, and Kristin Zaideman, Florida State University Career Center; Sylvia Nassar-McMillan, North Carolina State University

#103 Using Narratives to Design Personalized Career Programs and Activities that Facilitate Career Readiness
V. Scott H Solberg, Boston University; Caroline vanBruinswaardt; Chonlada Jarukitisakul; Ellie Castine; Taryn Hargrove; Zi Chen

#104 Trauma: The Foundation for an Encore Career
Jennifer Del Corso, Old Dominion University

#105 Contributions of NCDA to Improve Veterans' Transitions to Civilian Careers:  What have We Learned? What can We Do Next?
Robert Miles, NCDA; Shawn Conlon, U.S. Marine Corps; Mary Anderson, Western Michigan University; Ted Daywalt, VetJobs Veteran Employment Situation Report

#106 Creative Impactful Career Development Practices and Resources for International Student Success
Ellen Zold Goldman, Northeastern University; Ashley LoBue, Northeastern University

#107 Action-Oriented, Hope-Centered Career Interventions
Norman Amundson, UBC; Spencer Niles, College of William & Mary; Goddard Tannis, Training Innovations; Amber Clarke Saskatoon Health Region

#108 Utilizing Peer Career Advisors to Engage a Changing College Student Population
Cori Shaff and Ben Wurzel, University of Colorado Boulder, Career Services

#109 ProPath: A Career Development Plan for Undergraduates
Priscilla March and Martina Witts, University of Massachusetts Lowell

#110 The Courage to Imagine: Confronting and Managing Vocational Anxiety
Christopher Pisarik, University of Georgia

#111 Obtaining Employment within the Federal Government
Loredana Erlick and Kate Schoenlein, Hines VA Hospital


Program Series II
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
4:35 – 5:45 pm

#200 Retirement Reimagined: Using Career Tools to Help Baby Boomers Create Encore Lives
Cathy Severson, Passport to Purpose and RLM LLC

#201 Career Identities that Last a Lifetime: Benefits of Life-Story or Narrative Writing Methods
George Dutch, JobJoy

#202 Collaborative Learning in an Online Graduate Career Counseling Course
David Dietrich, University of Tennessee at Martin; Fred Dorn, North Central University

#203 Supervising Career Counselors:  Applying Theory to Site Supervision
Allison Moesel and Beth Harlan, Georgetown University

#204 Finding Your First Job in America: Counseling New Immigrants and Refugees
Shadin Atiyeh, Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County; Shrina Eadeh, Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County

#205 Reducing Recidivism: Established Methodologies/Programs for the Hard to Sell Population
Danny Huffman, Mark Treston, and Kelly Byrne, Education Career Services

#206 Key Career Success Factors of People with Liberal Arts Majors in South Korea
Hyung Joon Yoon, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane; Sung Sik Ahn, Korea University Career Development Center; Dongyul Kim, Korea Leadership Center; Min Hee Yang Kookmin University; Min Jung Kim, Chungshin Girls' Middle School; Sora Ahn Sungshin, Women's University Career Development Center

#207 Corporate Careers - How Employees Get Stuck . . . and How to Help Them
Rich Feller, Colorado State University; Mimi Brent, General Motors Company - Global Human Resources - Talent Management

#208 Contemplative Career Counseling: Mindfulness and Beyond
Linda Faucheux and Aga Sypniewska, University of Colorado, Career Services; Deepesh Faucheux, Naropa University

#209 What Employers Wish You Knew:  7 Proven Techniques for Job Winners
Jan McCormick, JobLingo

#210 The FUDGE Factor(TM): Finding Your Professional Sweet Spot at Any Age
Lisa Kelley and Mary Hunt, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services

#211 Celebrating the Business of an Independent Career Professional
Sue Aiken, Something of Value; Nancy Miller


Presentation Series III
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
10:20 - 11:30 am

#300 Taking the Next Step with Twitter: Tips for Live Chat Participation and Moderation
Melissa Venable, OnlineColleges.net

#301 North Korean Defectors' Life Reimagined in South Korea: An Effective Career Development Program
Hyung Joon Yoon, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane; Eun Hee Kang, Korea University Career Development Center; Su-Kyoung Lim, Korea Rural Economic Institute; Sungsik Ahn Korea University Career Development Center

#302 Validation of a Resiliency/Social-Emotional Learning Instrument for Elementary Students
Scott Solberg and Taryn Hargrove Gore, Boston University; Christine De Baca, ScholarCentric

#303 Top 5 Branding Mistakes of Encore Careerists
Marie Zimenoff, A Strategic Advantage

#304 Career Development Considerations of LGBT College Students
Hansori Jang and Carol Smith, University of Iowa

#305 A Nonprofit Perspective: Utilizing Assessments to Identify Career Pathways for Individuals with Multiple Barriers
Elizabeth Robertson, Center for Work Education and Employment

#306 Fostering Clients' Career Development through Chaos Theory of Careers: Interventions and Techniques
Lauren Pasquarella Daley, Catalyst, Inc.; Jon Schlesinger, University of Colorado Boulder, Career Services

#307 A Career Construction Counseling Manual: Development and Use
Mark Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical university

#308 Best Practices for Working with International Students
Elif Balin, Pennsylvania State University; Satomi Yaji Chudasama, Princeton University; Elizabeth Knapp, University of Houston (Bauer); Jason Radman, Colorado State University; Priyanka Raut, University of Houston; Lily Zhang Massachusetts, Institute of Technology

#309 Reimagining Career Counseling for African-American Male Students Using an Anti-Deficit Framework
Yamonte Cooper, El Camino College; Brian Hutchison, University of Missouri - St. Louis

#310 Shared Responsibility: A Career Development Model for Today's Businesses
Gaylen Smith-Osborn, LPL Financial; Andrea Manoni, LPL Financial

#311 Masterful Program Management for Career Development Professionals in Private Practice
Nancy Branton, Workplace Coach Institute


Presentation Series IV
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
1:00 - 2:10 pm

#400 Leadership Academy
NCDA Leadership Academy Participants

#401 Employee Career Development - A Must in the 21st Century
Richard Knowdell, Career Development Network

#402 The Secrets of an Efficient High-Growth Career Practice: How to Leverage Technology to Grow Your Business
Laura Labovich, The Career Strategy Group

#403 Helping Clients Develop Career Concern with Motivational Interviewing and Career Narratives
Kevin Stoltz, University of Central Arkansas; Shékina Rochat, Institut de Psychologie, Université de Lausanne

#404 The YWCA FiftyPlus Program: Getting Mature Women Back to Work
Lindsy Carpenter, YWCA San Francisco & Marin

#405 Comparing Career Transitions of Midlife and College Student Veterans
Heather Robertson, St. John's University

#406 Raising the Bar: Critical New Concepts in the Revised ACA Code of Ethics
David Kaplan and Erin Martz, American Counseling Association

#407 Choosing Work in the 21st Century: Balancing the Marketplace and the Dream
David Blustein, Boston College; Hanoch Flum, Ben-Gurion University; Rachel Gali Cinamon, Tel Aviv University

#408 Serving and Learning: An Illustration of Service Learning in Career Counselor Education
Kevin Tate, Heather Lemke, and T. Ullrich, Marquette University

#409 Digging Deeper into the Keynote Presentation: How We can Elevate Career Development
William Symonds, Global Pathways Institute

#410 Growing from Within: Individualized Career Services in a Joint Labor/Management Manufacturing Environment
Jeff Snyder, Gina Fountain, and Lindsay Ruf, IAM/Boeing Joint Programs

#411 Your Work or Your Life: Setting Boundaries and Keeping Balance in an Increasingly Fast-Paced World
Michelle Carroll, Carroll Career Consultants, LLC; Jessica Bickley, Career Development Alliance & REA-Partners in Transition; Tina Johnston, NewStarts Counseling and Education Services, PLLC


Presentation Series V
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
2:30 – 3:40 pm

#500 Transgender in the Workplace:  Expending Career Counselors Focus on this Special-Underserved Population
Lee Covington Rush, Jakendra Williams, and Suzy Wise, Northern Illinois University

#501 When Asian Women Consider Career Options
Marilyn Maze, Cheri Butler, and Hsui-Lan (Shelley) Tien, Asia Pacific Career Development Association; Megumi Ohkubo, Rikkyo University, Tokyo; Carla Siojo, Ateneo de Manila University

#502 50 Mobile Hacks Career Counselors Need Right Now!
Deb Osborn, Florida State University; Melissa Venable, OnlineColleges.net

#503 Transition Classes for Veterans: Analyzing Outcome Data from Career Assessments
Krysta Kurzynski, John Carroll University; Seth Hayden, Wake Forest University

#504 Childhood Career Development: Addressing Barriers, Building Career Adaptability, and Promoting Hope
Jacqueline Peila-Shuster and Sharon K. Anderson, Colorado State University; Ozlem Ulas, Hacettepe University, Turkey

#505 Understanding Counselor Liability and Risks: Ethics and Protection
Ellen Weaver Paquette, Developpe, Inc.; Judith Drew, Salve Regina University

#506 Career Capital: From Finding to Cultivating the Dream Job
Jessie Czerwonka, Nick Shaklee, and Scott Treas, NCC, University of Colorado Denver Career Center

#507 The Seven Essential Steps to Reimagining Our Lives
Dick Bolles, eParachute, AARP (Life Reimagined, Work Division)

#508 Beyond Counseling:  Applying Career Construction Theory to Other Forms of Career Intervention
Paul J. Hartung and Mark L. Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical University; Tracy Lara, Kent State University

#509 Best Practices Panel: Career Peer Ambassador Programs
Katherine Nobles, UNC Chapel Hill University Career Services; Samara Reynolds, UNC Chapel Hill School of Law; Vera Chapman, Colgate University; Jamie Perez, Texas Tech University

#510 Leaders as Career Agents:  How to Boost Employee Engagement with Just One Role
Mary Ila Ward, Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.

#511 Intergrating the Career Development Facilitator Certification into Counselor Education Programs
Sharon Givens, SC State University/Training Visions


Presentation Series VI
Thursday, July 2, 2015
8:30 – 9:30 am 

#600 Best Practices for Your Private Practice
Karen Chopra, The Savvy Career Counselor; Paula Brand, Brand Career Management; Michelle Carroll, Carroll Career Consultants

#601 Teaching Students about the Connections between Social Class and Career Development
Melinda Gibbons, University of Tennessee; Kathy Evans, University of South Carolina; Stephanie Burns, Western Michigan University; Seth Hayden, Wake Forest University; Kevin Tate, Marquette University; Adry Clark Western Oregon University

#602 Perceptions of Career Counseling Faculty on the Future of the Profession and its Role in Counseling Departments
Heather Zeng, Capella University; Byron Waller, Governors State University; Carol Vecchio, Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal

#603 Thinking Outside of Limitations and Reimaging Career Potentials for International Populations
Susan T. Chuang, New Mind Education; S. Raymond Ting, North Carolina State University

#604 Application of a Unifying Framework for Navigating the School to Work Transition for Youth with Disabilities
John Kosciulek, Michigan State University; Becky Bobek, ACT, Inc.; Richard Lapan, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

#605 Career Counseling in Emerging Markets: An Encore Panel of International Career Professionals
Brian Hutchison, University of Missouri - St. Louis

#606 Advocating  for Career Development Legislation:  How to Make a Difference
Charles Lehman and Rebecca Dedmond, NCDA Government Relations Committee; Matt Kent, Lobbyit

#607 LGBTQQIA Career Counseling Comes of Age: What has Happened in the Last 21 Years
Mark Pope, Dept of Counseling & Family Therapy, University of Missouri - St. Louis; Riley Folds III, OUT for Work

#608 Reimagining How to Teach Job Search Skills
Rob Seemann, Career Change Success

#609 Building Programs from Grass Roots Efforts: The Power of Needs Assessments in Developed and Developing Countries
Phil Harrington, Kuder, Inc.; Jerry Trusty, The Pennsylvania State University

#610 Career Resilience:  The Employee Imperative
Michele DeRosa and Darlene Martin, Ben Hudnall Memorial Trust for Kaiser Permanente

#611 The Internet and Job-Seekers: Providing Value for Clients and Exposure for Organizations
Pamela Marshall, Metro DC Chapter of the Association for Talent Development; Ronda Ansted, Be The Change Career Consulting


Presentation Series VII
Thursday, July 2, 2015
9:45 - 10:45 am

#700 Intersections of Multiculturalism, Social Justice, and Career Counseling Education
Christian Chan, Amanda Friday, and Rebecca Dedmond, The George Washington University

#701 The Mountains are Calling: Career Stories of Appalachian College Students
Amber Hughes, Lindsey Wilson College; Megan Herscher, Carson-Newman College

#702 Reimagining Today's Reentry Process: Changing the Mindset During Incarceration
Doug Evans and Lisa Martin, PEN/Indiana Department of Corrections

#703 Operation VETS: Veteran Employment, Transition Sussess @ UC Riverside
Sae Lee and Frank Ramirez, University of California, Riverside

#704 Transitioning through the Lifespan: Facilitating Resilience, Coping and Well Being
Mary L. Anderson and Stephanie Goodman, Western Michigan University; Jane Goodman, Oakland University

#705 How Career Development can Help Shape Instructional Practice in America's Schools
Cal Crow, Center for Efficacy and Resiliency

#706 Developing Strong Work Ethic -The Key to Success at Every Stage
Josh Davies, The Center for Work Ethic Development

#707 Happiness Hype or Lasting Positive Impact?  Practical Integration of Positive Psychology into Career Services
Denise Riebman, George Washington University's Trachtenberg School

#708 Wow, That was Quick!!!: Examining the Impact of Brief Interventions on Career Development
Seth Hayden and Kathryn Theall, Wake Forest University; Debra Osborn and James Sampson, Florida State University

#709 Not Your Parents' Job Search - An Exact Recipe for Getting Interviews Faster in the New Millennium
Stephen Dalton, Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

#710 Building Career Training and Services in Taiwan and China
Constance J. Pritchard, The Pritchard Group; Malka Edelman, Comprehensive Career Planning, Inc.; Ivy Liao, Psychological Assessment Corporation

#711 Creating Dynamic LinkedIn Profiles with Portfolio Integration
Mieko A Ozeki, Radiance Studios LLC




Roundtable Series I
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
3:05 – 4:15 pm 

#1-1 Development and Validation of a Career Calling Scale for Working Adults in Taiwan
Yu-Chen Wang, Department of Psychology and Counseling, National Taipei University of Education; Chi-Lin Wu, National Taiwan Normal University

#1-2 Empowering Strategies for Adults in Career Transition to Boldly Pursue Their Dream Career
Elizabeth Bryce, Northwood University

#1-3 Career Development in Secondary Education: Best Practices for School Counselors and Interventionists
Na Mi Bang, Smith Carol, and Victoria Maneev, University of Iowa

#1-4 K-12 College and Career Readiness Standards; Colorado's Answer to ASCA's Mindsets and Behaviors
Leann Morgan, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs; Samantha Haviland, Denver Public Schools

#1-5 The A, B, C's of Career Industry Certifications
Paula Brand, Brand Career Management

#1-6 Encore Talent and Expertise Supporting the STEM Initiative to Inspire Change
Elaine Herbert, DeVry University

#1-7 Examining the Psychometric Properties of the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS) with an Arabic Speaking Sample
Laith Mazahreh, Mississippi State University; Kevin B. Stoltz, University of Central Arkansas

#1-8 Career Development and Transitional Skills: The Integrative Contextual Model of Career Development
Sherri Turner, University of Minnesota; Richard Lapan, University of Massachusetts

#1-9 Impact of Dysfunctional Career Thoughts on Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy and Vocational Identity
Hang Jo, University of Central Florida; Young-An Ra, Pennslyvania State University

#1-10 Integrating Assessments of Career Decision-Making into Counseling
Nimrod Levin and Itamar Gati, Hebrew University

#1-11 Collaborating Across Boundaries: integrating Career Counseling and Academic Advising to Help Students Find Their Fit
Susan LeBlanc, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

#1-12 Congruence with College Major in Light of Cognitive Influence and Work Roles
Erica Mathis, University of Southern Mississippi

#1-13 Using Holland Codes for 2022 Labor Market Projections:  Putting New Information into an Old Theory
Mary-Catherine McClain, University of Georgia; Robert Reardon, Florida State University Career Center

#1-14 Meeting the Needs of the Non-Traditional Students through Innovative Partnerships and Creative Programing
Brianna McMeekin, University of Pittsburgh

#1-15 Understanding Acculturative Stress of International Students: Focusing on Impact of Social Support and Coping
Young-An Ra and Jerry Trusty, The Pennsylvania State University

#1-16 Developing Career Futures with First Generation College Students
Melvin Joslyn, Utah State University Counseling and Psychological Services; Mary-Catherine McClain, University of Georgia Counseling and Psychiatric Services

#1-17 The Next Step: A Collaborative Workshop Helping College Students at an Academic Crossroads Make Informed Career Decisions
Sarah Ou-Young, Texas A&M University Student Counseling Service


Roundtable Series II
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
4:35 – 5:45 pm

#2-1 Workplace Bullying: What can We Do?
Wendy Winter-Searcy, Arapahoe Community College; Joyce Espinosa

#2-2 The Dream Career Academy
Myra Fernandez and Lezly Juergenson, UC Merced

#2-3 Seriously, When am I ever Going to use Math? Student Perceptions of the Career Relevance of STEM Education
Sean Flanagan, Ellie Castine, and Kimberly A.S. Howard, Boston University School of Education

#2-4 The Role of Self-Criticism in Career Developmental Processes: Implications for Career-Counseling Interventions
Hedva Braunstein-Bercovitz, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo

#2-5 Beyond Individual Applications: Using Career Theory to Produce Organizational and Systemic Change
Amanda Jantzer, South Dakota State University

#2-6 Job Search Support Groups: Sharing Findings and Implementing Effective Strategies
Amy Mazur, Independent

#2-7 Examining the Career Decision State: Learn about a Quick, New, Free Tool to Measure Readiness
Robert Reardon and Gary Peterson, Career Center, Florida State University; Steve Leierer, East Carolina University

#2-8 CDO CareerCasts: A 24/7 Training Approach for Students
Samara Reynolds, School of Law, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

#2-9 Business Externship Program: Utilizing Career Theory and Encore Career Professionals to Coach College Students
Caroline Ray and Geralyn Heystek, The Career Center at Haworth College of Business, WMU

#2-10 Engaging Career and Academic Advising: Helpful Tools to Increase Collaboration
Alison Smith and Rachel Landis, Indiana University Arts & Sciences Career Services

#2-11 Grab and Go Faculty and Advisor Career Development Interventions for Classroom or Appointment Use
Jill Vanderwall, IUPUI, University College

#2-12 Simple Tech Solutions that Engage Millennials
Mark Zammuto, Champlain College Career Services

#2-13 Celebrating Success through Creative Career Counseling
Julia Kronholz and Liz Pawley, Florida State University Career Center

#2-14 Implementing an Outreach Program to Reach the Needs of Students Registered with Disability Services
Chandra Johnson, Saint Louis University

#2-15 Strategies for Coping with Career Decision-Making Difficulties
Yulia Lipshits-Braziler, Itamar Gati, and Moshe Tatar, Hebrew University

#2-16 Career Counseling for Transgender Clients:  Reimagining Life and Career Possibilities
Sue Motulsky, Lesley University; Emily Frank, Metro State University of Denver

#2-17 Making It Stick - Learning Styles and Creative Assessments
Mary Robins, Mary Robins Career & Retirement Coaching; Lesah Beckhusen, SkillScan


Roundtable Series III
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
10:20 – 11:30 am

#3-1 Building Soft Skills for the Changing World of Work
Valerie Ward, Valerie G. Ward Consulting Ltd.

#3-2 Resources for Career Services Professionals Working with Veterans at Community Colleges
Robert Miles, NCDA

#3-3 Hired before Graduation: How Schools and the Community can Successfully Collaborate to Host a Job Fair
Dedan Githegi, Frederick Douglass High School

#3-4 Factors Impacting Career Decision Making: An Epiphany about Indian Students
Vandana Gambhir Chopra and N.K. Chadha, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi, India

#3-5 ATS-Friendly Resumes - Tips and Traps
Linda Kobylarz, Linda Kobylarz & Associates

#3-6 Job Clubs: How to Successfully Organize and Facilitate Job Search Groups
Anne Nowak, Career Center of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library

#3-7 Using Abilities to Bridge the Gap to Encore Careers
Janet Wall, CEUonestop.com and Sage Solutions; Tom Harrington, Northeastern University

#3-8 Profile Envy: Comparisons across Social Media
Chris Chirino and Amy Bramlett, The University of Alabama Career Center

#3-9 Collaborative Career Advising - Deputizing Career Development on Campus
Carrie Collier, Craig Benson, Amanda Nell, Laura Peiter, Joe Johnston, and Kerry Lee, University of Missouri Career Center

#3-10 Career Counselors' Use of the Transtheoretical Model in Interprofessional Collaboration
Stephanie Burns, Western Michigan University

#3-11 Breaking Down Silos: The Campus as Laboratory
Heather Lefkowitz, Center for Student Professional Development at Vanderbilt University

#3-12 Career Development in Germany -  International Educator Administrator Fulbright Seminar
Christine Lundeen, Oregon Health Sciences University

#3-13 Working with International Students in Career Services
Jennifer Manhoff, Colorado Heights University

#3-14 Leadership Coaching:  A New Paradigm for Career Services
Erin Morgenstern and Imants Jaunarajs, Ohio University Career and Leadership Development Center

#3-15 Best Practices in First Destination Surveys: Using Technology to Enhance Assessment and Increase Response Rates
Jenny Nesenjuk, Hudson County Community College; Victoria Nauta, William Paterson University

#3-16 Ways Counseling and Coaching will Enhance Career Needs of Older Workers
Margaret Cooney, California State Univeristy, San Bernardino

#3-17 Abilities:  The Missing Link In Career Planning, Management, and Development
Dori Stiles and Kim Mumola, The Highlands Company


Roundtable Series IV
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
1:00 – 2:10 pm

#4-1 Managing Gender Transition in the Workplace
Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich, The University of Akron

#4-2 Career Development of Graduate Students in School Counseling Programs
Na Mi Bang, University of Iowa

#4-3 Helping High School Students Reimagine their Possibilities: Formulating a Career Counseling Group
Rose Jean and Sarah Schaefer, Florida State University

#4-4 Listening to Clients' Stories to Reinvigorate our Career Counseling Practice
Amanda Cox and Keri Carter-Pipkins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

#4-5 Reimagining Your State CDA
Wendy LaBenne, Saint Louis University; Melody Kruzic, Capella University

#4-6 Still Want to Be a Lawyer? Advising Pre-Law Students and Clients in Today's Market
Samara Reynolds, School of Law, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

#4-7 Exploring Mental Health and Career Development Concerns in College Student Veterans
Mary Buzzetta, Rose Jean, and Adam Miller, Florida State University Career Center

#4-8 Professional Development Certificates: Helping Students Launch their First Careers
Kali DeWald, The University of Georgia; Emily Gomez, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

#4-9 You Want to Do WHAT!?!?  Counseling Students for Taboo Careers
Erin Doty, Kevin Carton, Leslie Scheck, and Kertesha Riley, Augustana College

#4-10 With A Little Help from My Friends: How Working with Academic Departments and Test Prep can Benefit All
Richard Fann, Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance

#4-11 Living a Calling in Encore Careers: Implications for Research and Practice
Adelyn Shimizu and Bryan Dik, Colorado State University

#4-12 The Career Decision-Making Process for a Biracial Female
Jamie Gallo, Florida Gulf Coast University

#4-13 Building the Foundation for a Lifetime of Networking to Enhance Diversity in the Workplace
Zelda Gardner and Gail Rooney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

#4-14 Academic Advising is the New Career Advising
Sharon Givens, Training Visions; Lee Anne Kirkpatrick, University of Central Florida

#4-15 How To: A Session on Developing Your Online Professional Presence
Meghan Godorov, MLG Career; Sarah Bollinger, Muhlenberg College

#4-16 First Things First!  Explore in the FYE Course to Excel in the First Job
HelenMarie Harmon, School of Business and Economics - Indiana University Northwest

#4-17 STEM Career Mentor Program: A Partnership in Action
Jodi Jaques and Steve Kane, California Polytechnic State University


Roundtable Series V
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
2:30 – 3:40 pm

#5-1 Careers in a Box
Roxanne Farkas, University of California San Diego

#5-2 Holland Codes Change when Clients have More Answer Options: The SDS with a 2- and 5-Point Likert Scale
Melanie Leuty, Emily Bullock-Yowell, Erica Mathis, and Yen To, University of Southern Mississippi

#5-3 School Counseling Services in Career Pathways-Focused Schools: Lessons Learned from a Qualitative Investigation
Natalie Stipanovic, University of Cincinnati

#5-4 Using a Career Course to Assist a Diverse Student Population in Exploring Careers and Imagining Future Possibilities
Vanessa Freeman, Christine Edralin, and Emily Fiore, Florida State University Career Center

#5-5 Skill Use on the Job: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Career Counseling
Jennifer Martin and Melody Kraus, Optimum Performance Institute

#5-6 Job Search Resilience:  Helping Clients Navigate Tough Times
Denise Saunders, Private Practice

#5-7 The Strengths-Based Narrative Approach: A New Way to Engage Clients with Employment Challenges
Rebecca Toporek, San Francisco State University; Rachel Fuld Cohen, Columbia University

#5-8 Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Transition Theory to Effectively Work with Type A College Students
Chandra Johnson, St. Louis University

#5-9 Once a Leader, Always a Leader? Examining the Trajectories of O*NET Work Styles across Career Stages
Heather Ureksoy, Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

#5-10 Degrees of Strength Technique (DOS):  Accelerating Clients' Career and Professional Development
Paul Worthman and Lesley Bishop, University of Colorado Denver

#5-11 Schlossberg with a Twist: Turning Transitions into Triumph
Susan R Barclay, University of Central Arkansas

#5-12 Career Development: Certification and Professionalization of the Field
Scott Fisher, Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA)

#5-13 Career Thoughts and Spirituality in Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: A Review and Suggestions for Practice
Levette Dames, North Carolina Central University

#5-14 Finding and Living a Calling: Strategies for Career Counselors
Ryan Duffy, University of Florida; Bryan Dik, Colorado State University

#5-15 Is Follow Your Passions Good Career Advice? Finding the Meaningful Middle Ground
Doug Gardner and Michael Snapp, Utah Valley University

#5-16 Reimagining Your Online Career Services
Nona Haller and Melody Kruzic, Capella University

#5-17 Putting the Leader Back Into Leadership: A Whole-Person Approach for the Career Progression of Educational Leaders
Debra Harden, Georgia School Superintendents Association; Dori Stiles, Turning Points Coaching and Consulting


Roundtable Series VI
Thursday, July 2, 2015
8:30 – 9:30 am

#6-1 Creating Your Retirement Elevator Speech
Janet de Vries, Casper College

#6-2 Revisiting Career Behaviors and Adaptability in Job Search Groups
Courtney Gasser, University of Baltimore

#6-3 Career Decision-Making System (CDM): Experience of 14 Million Users
Jenn Long and Rich Feller, Colorado State University

#6-4 Setting Sail with Students: Career Discovery via 'DiscoverU' at Pitt
Richard Fann and Karin Asher, Career Development and Placement Assistance

#6-5 Online Career Coaching: Cutting Edge Approach to Engage Students
Jillian Lucas, Modern Guild; Brianna McMeekin, University of Pittsburgh

#6-6 Success Seminar - Creating a Job Search Course for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Janine Rowe, Rochester Institute of Technology

#6-7 Career Engagement for Community College Students: Revitalizing Career Services to Support Students in Encore Careers
Kathy Ledwith and Anna Solano, Pikes Peak Community College

#6-8 Shake Up Your Workshops: Ideas from Coast to Coast
Kimberly Ead, University of Vermont; Jason Radman, Colorado State University

#6-9 Career Planning that Truly Empowers an Individual to Take Full Control of their Destiny
Mike Callahan, The University of Michigan - Dearborn, College of Business

#6-10 Engaging the Science and Engineering Students to Explore the Biotech/Pharmaceutical Fields
Robyn Centilli and Victoria Trauger, University of Notre Dame

#6-11 Learning Outcomes: Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Class is Over
Melanie Adams and Luis Santiago, Florida Atlantic University

#6-12 Using Self-Determination Theory to Help Clients Assess the Appeal and Risks of Careers in Multi-Level Marketing
Peggy Andrews and Stacie Bosley, Hamline University School of Business

#6-13 Implementing Effective Social Media Strategies
Mary Askew, Holland Codes Resource Center

#6-14 Alumni Encore Careers: Exploring Career Fit Effectively through Webinar Technology
Bethany Bagley Mills and Suzanne Voigt, The University of Georgia Career Center

#6-15 Cascade of Service: Professionals, Trainees, and Peers Providing Career Development across Generations
Katherine Battee-Freeman, UIC Office of Career Services

#6-16 Mine the Past to Inform the Future: Using a New Streamlined Autobiographical Exercise
Lesah Beckhusen, SkillScan and UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

#6-17 Exploring Interests and Strengths with a First-Year Undeclared Living Learning Community
Erin Booth-Caro and Michelle Chang, California State University, Long Beach


Roundtable Series VII
Thursday, July 2, 2015
9:45 – 10:45 am

#7-1 Our Changing Future: Meeting the Career Development Needs of Individuals 50 and Beyond
Karisa Antonio, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

#7-2 Constructing a Situation-Based Career Interest Assessment for Junior High School Students
Yao-Ting Sung, Yu-Wen Cheng, Jeng-Shin Wu, Research Center for Psychological and Educational Testing, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

#7-3 National Career Development Legislation: Comparative Analysis of States' Individualized Learning Plan Policies
Caroline vanBruinswaardt, Boston University; Zi Hargrove; Chonlada Jarukitisakul; V Scott Solberg

#7-4 Thank You Notes - Words That will Kill or Thrill
Andrea Haken, Oklahoma State University

#7-5 When Ethical Issues Involve the Boss
Keley Smith-Keller, South Dakota Division of Career & Technical Education; Carolyn Jones, CDJ Consulting, LLC

#7-6 Career Narratives of African American Female College Students: Illuminating Career Insights
Cassandra Storlie, Tracy Lara Hilton, and Sue Savickas, Kent State University

#7-7 Outside Vendor Reviews Simplified: An Online Vendor Review Process Utilized at Rutgers University
Barbara Thomson, Rutgers University - New Brunswick

#7-8 The Life Themes and Life Design Counseling Model for Females in Taiwan
HsiuLan Shelley Tien, National Taiwan Normal University

#7-9 Careers In Beer: Tapping into one of Colorado's Most Popular Industries
Sarah Trzeciak, University of Colorado Denver Career Center

#7-10 Enhancing the College Experience of Older Students by Identifying and Confronting and Preventing Ageism
Lee Walker Hirschbein, California State University, Chico

#7-11 Teaming with Faculty: How to Work Together for Student Development
Jennifer Whetstone-Jackson, University of South Carolina - Career Center, College of Engineering and Computing

#7-12 Preparing First Jobs: Competency-Based Transition Program for Taiwan's Fresh Graduates
ShuChen Wu, Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service, National Taiwan Normal University; Yuh-Yin Wu, College of Education, National Taipei University of Education

#7-13 Predictors of Withdrawal Cognitions in First-Generation College Students
Ben Wu, Rebekah Rayburn, and Melanie Leuty, The University of Southern Mississippi

#7-14 Adapting Traditional Networking and Career Fair Models to Meet the Needs of Veterans
Brianan McMeekin, University of Pittsburgh

#7-15 Queer Careers: A Targeted Career Intervention for LGBTQ Students
Veronica Heiskell, The University of Texas at Austin

#7-16 Extend Your Reach - Embrace Online Career Guidance!
Tannis Goddard, Training Innovations

#7-17 Utilizing Transition and Decision Making Theory: Assessing Clients and Responding Appropriately
Mary Ila Ward, Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.


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