April 22-24, 2013

Peruvian Career Development Association International Workshop Conference

Career Development in the New Millennium

Auditorium of the National Asembly of University Presidents

Aldabas Street 337-Las Gardenias. Surco.
Lima, Peru

Macchu Pichu

Dr. Mark L. Savickas
Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard
Angelika D. Reiss, MBA

Pre-Conference, April 20-21, 2013:
Dr. Mark L. Savickas and Alberto Puertas. Trujillo, Peru

Post-Conference, April 25-26, 2013: Dr. Mark L. Savickas and Alberto Puertas. Arequipa, Peru

Academic Coordination:

Dr. Jorge Arturo Benites Robles
President, PCDA
International Issues Counselor, CONAFU

Alberto Puertas, M.S.
Director, National Career Development Association of Latin America
Academic/Career Counselor, Brigham Young University, USA

Mary Ann Powell
Special Projects Director
National Career Development Association, USA

To Register, Contact:
Rosa Valdivia (PCDA)
Cell phone number: 997493770

Rosaura Sánchez (NAR - Conafu)
Cell phone number: 940492008


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