NCDA Speakers Bureau

The purpose of the Speakers Bureau is to provide a list that state career development associations and other career organizations can tap into for their professional development activities.  This list was created via an NCDA Leadership Academy project yet does not imply endorsement by NCDA. Please read NCDA's Legal Disclaimer.

The following table summarizes the list of participants.  Click on the name to link to full details.

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After completing the online application you can submit a photo and profile similar to the ones linked here (or see the Template here) to Gemma Williams at gemmaw@hawaii.edu


SPEAKERS BUREAU (updated 11/2015)
Name  Brief Bio  Sample Presentation  Location
Barbara Babkirk Master Career Counselor & Speaker; Owner: Heart at Work What Really Matters: Matching Meaning, Passion and Your Unique Contributions at Midlife and Beyond  ME

Judy Kaplan Baron



Career Counselor


Terrific Training Techniques



Jim Bright Professor, Career Coach & Consultant

Shift Happens: How Change is Inevitable & How to Thrive in it

Angela Byars-Winston Counseling Psychologist

Improving STEM Retention

Ron Elsdon President, Elsdon Organizational Renewal Staying Career Fit in Turbulent Times CA
Rich Feller Counselor Educator The Changing Workplace & Implications for Career Development CO
Sally Gelardin Counselor, Author, GCDFI Integral Aging CA
Susan Guarneri Career Management Coach & Counselor Job Search Insider Secrets WI
Richard Knowdell
President of Career Research & Testing, Inc Coaching Skills for Career Counselors CA
Mary Konow Owner of MK Career Designs Sector Switch; Career Branding, LinkedIn Strategies CA
John Krumboltz Professor of Education and Psychology Luck is No Accident; Happenstance in Hard Times CA
Ilana Levitt Licensed Counselor and Master Career Counselor Effective Career Strategies for Clients with Mental Health Issues NJ
Gail Liebhaber Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Counselor  Career Management & Life/Work Balance  MA 
Victor Massaglia Law School Career Advisor Career Counseling & the Search for the Golden Resources MN
Amy Mazur Counselor Educator  Applying Relational Cultural Theory in Career Counseling
Roberta Neault President, Life Strategies  Navigating Careers in the 21st Century BC, Canada 
Brie Reynolds Director of Online Job Content Trends in the Work-from-Home / Flexible Job Market TX
Elisabeth Harney Sanders-Park President, Network Solutions No One is Unemployable NC
Ruth Schimel Career & Life Management Consultant  Courage and Career Development  DC 
Lisa Severy Director of Career Services  Unlocking Client's Creativity  CO 
Linda Sollars Founder of Creating Purpose Blending the Generations  CO 
Mary Rose Tichar President, InsideOut Career Direction What a Difference Type Makes; Models of Success for Engineering Leadership OH
Carol Vecchio Executive Director, Centerpoint Institute for Career Renewal  Navigating Change & Uncertainty Without Losing Your Way  WA 
Janet Wall President and CEO, Sage Solutions New Emerging and Green Occupations; Diversity; Worker Bees MD
Cheryl P Wolf Assistant Professor of Counseling and Career; Workforce Development Trainer Advocate for Yourself; Factors of Career Meaning KY