Sample Job Description for a Corporate Career Consultant

by Paula Kosin


Job Summary:

      * Provide individual and group career counseling sessions to employees


      * Assist employees with the development and implementation of individual career plans aligned with the current needs and future directions of the company.


      * Consult with managers on coaching employees' career development


      * Perform outreach and educational activities such as workshops and presentations


      * Conduct online web-based meetings and programs for employees in remote locations


      * Administer and interpret interest inventories, personality assessments, etc.


      * Develop and write content for intranet career development website


      * Serve as a resource for organizational information and be able to provide referrals to appropriate individuals as needed


      * Assist with marketing of program to managers employees


      * Assist with evaluation and expansion of career development services


      * Minimum 5 years experience in working with adults in Counseling, Human Resources (Generalist), or Adult Education


      * Experience in individual career advising, program design, presentation skills preferred

Required Skills:

Superior presentation/facilitation skills; ability to effectively provide individual career counseling; superior written and verbal communication abilities, Microsoft Office.


Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Adult Learning, or related field. Master's degree or equivalent experience in Counseling, Human Resources or related field is preferred.

Salary range: $45,000 - $65,000.

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