NCDA Ethics Case Study Project

By Sherry Quan

NCDA is developing a case study resource to accompany the new Code of Ethics that will be introduced by our association this year.

In order to make the cases study resource as realistic as possible, we are gathering insights on potential ethics cases from NCDA members. Have you experienced a challenging situation that other career professionals could learn from? Would you be willing to share your experience with us?

We would like to include examples from the wide variety of career development settings that our association serves (e.g., secondary school, college, community one-stops, private practice). No identifying information would be used in any case presentations.

For more information or to share a potential ethics case, please contact Julia Makela (jpmakela@uiuc.edu or 217-714-1620). We look forward to hearing from you!

Sherry Quan, M.Ed. is an NCDA Trustee-at-Large. She can be reached at