Life Direction: the Teeter Totter of Life

By Anna Miller-Tiedeman

As a child, I loved teeter totters. However, when my life behaved like a teeter totter, I didn't find it as much fun until I recognized it as just that—a teeter totter. So when things become blurred, if I'm not too far down, several things occur to me:

I now understand that life direction continually moves in and out of focus, and like camel trips, it doesn't end, it just continues to change form. However, using my Career Compass® -- my tool that is based on my experience, intelligence, and intuition -- I always get a reading for my next step and that leads to another, and another, and another.

Anna Miller-Tiedeman, Ph.D, is a National Certified Counselor and creator of the New Careering, a personal and spiritual approach to life. Miller-Tiedeman has over 37 years of teaching, consulting, and counseling experience with individuals of all ages and incomes. She taught career development at Johns Hopkins University, Long Island University, Loyola College and the University of Southern California. She also taught Small Business Management at Palomar College. Miller-Tiedeman is author of Lifecareer: How It Can Benefit You, Lifecareer: The Quantum Leap into a Process Theory of Career, How NOT to Make It…And Succeed: Life on Your Own Terms, Learning, Living, and Practicing the New Careering. She recently stepped out of her traditional role and served as the on-site Contractor for the construction of The New Careering Institute, Inc. at the Domes as well as a main living Dome. She offers her consulting, teaching, training, conflict resolution (Trained Mediator), writing and professional speaking skills to individuals as well as to various organizations nationally and internationally, most recently in Norway.

In addition, she now places David’s legacy in a legal structure to leave the Domes as a place of study for her Lifecareer® work and David’s visionary writing including decision making, computers, consciousness, and his great love of development, as well as community use. More can be found at http://www.life-is-career.com/