June 29, 2011

NCDA Board of Directors

June Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 29:

Goliad Room, Second Floor

8:00 am: Meeting Called to Order (Butler)

Roll Call (Severy)

President Cheri Butler, President-Elect Deb Osborn, Past President Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Governing Council Rep Spencer Niles Trustee-at-large Rebecca Dedmond, Western Trustee Michelle Beese, Trustee-at-large David Blustein, Treasurer Marsha Boettger, Southern Trustee Ron Cathey, Midwest Trustee Brian Taber, North Atlantic Trustee Mark Danaher, Executive Director Deneen Pennington and Secretary Lisa Severy.

Observing: Future Board Members Paul Timmons, Charles Lehman, Rich Feller

Introduction of New Board Members (Butler and Osborn)

  • Rich Feller, President

  • Charles Lehman, Treasurer

  • Pat Schwallie-Giddis, ACA Governing Representative

  • Rebecca Dedmond, Trustee-at-Large

  • Paul Timmins, Midwest Region Trustee

Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting (Severy) Appendix A

Motion to Approve Minutes from May 2011 NCDA Board Meeting made by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: Mark Danaher

Motion Carries


Approval of the Agenda (Butler) Appendix B

Additions: Old Business: Government Relations

New Business: CDQ Editorial Board

WIA Language Discussion

Ad Hoc Committee for Technology

ACA Sessions 2012

Motion to Approve Agenda as Amended made by: Pat Schwallie-Giddis

Seconded by: Rebecca Dedmond

Motion Carries


Membership Report (Pennington) Appendix C


Treasurer’s Report (Boettger) Appendix D

Revenue Generating Ideas revisit from October, 2010

Regional Conferences? Less Expensive Tools for Counselors to Use at their desks?

Webinars Exceeded Expectations. Want to generate more. Will record closing plenary and produce as webinar. Hoping Mark Savickas will agree to do another one this year.



  1. Harris Poll Update (Pennington) Completed. Cheri has results. Data analysis and recommendations. Skip and Lisa volunteered to do a White Paper, but the Executive Summary is pretty extensive. Need to put together a dissemination committee. Cheri, Deb, Pat, Rebecca, Rich, Ron, Skip. Press release a must, perhaps a press conference as well? Roll out should coincide with the monthly employment numbers. We can shoot for the beginning of August. (ACTION ITEM – committee to meet ASAP)

  2. Update on 2011 Conference (Butler) 786 attendees as of last check. Hoping for 850. Please attend if you can….State Leadership, Leadership Academy, International Reception, Annual Meeting, General Sessions, President’s Reception. The Tech Labs have been sold out for months. The PDIs have gone well. One PDI was cancelled (the one on Advocacy). Recommendation that Board Members sit in front for general sessions and annual meeting.

  3. Arkansas Charter Approval (Cathey) First conference had over 200 attendees and all of their officers will be attending the NCDA conference.

Motion to Arkansas Charter made by: Ron Cathey

Seconded by: Michelle Beese

Motion Carries

  1. Rhode Island Bylaws Approval (Pennington)

Motion to Rhode Island Bylaws made by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: Brian Taber

Motion Carries

  1. Centennial Committee (Pennington and Butler) Committee formed last June. Still hoping ACA will get involved and contribute financially as well. Chris Briddick has become ad-hoc historian and has been helping. Also, Leadership Academy participant Fatima has done a great job in researching history. We should certainly make plans at La Familia Georgio (www.lafamigliagiorgio.com), which is a restaurant where Frank Parsons agency was originally. We want to host some sort of dinner or reception there. We should also include a special edition of CDQ and perhaps the ACA journal. Planning conference call to take place before the end of the summer. ACTION ITEM: Cheri will plan conference call with committee.

  2. Ethics Committee Recommendation (Taber) Appendices E & F One of the National Career Development Association’s Ethics Committee projects over the past two years has been to create a collection of sample forms that are used in the career counseling process. These sample forms could include release of information, confidentiality, informed consent, client session notes, non-suicide contracts, client intake forms, technology records statements, etc. The committee intended to select several forms as references to share with NCDA members through the password-protected section of the NCDA Website. Before sharing sample forms with the NCDA membership, it is important to make certain that NCDA have adequate permissions and protections for the association. For this reason, the NCDA Ethics Committee pursued the development of a “Permission to Use Agreement” form that contributors would sign, as well as a “Non-Endorsement Statement” to post with the forms on the website. The committee also sought legal counsel to develop this agreement and statement. The committee was assisted, on a pro-bono basis, by Clayton J. Patterson, an attorney with Dunn, Willard, Arkell, Bugg, Patterson & Herr, LLP in Bloomington, IL who specializes in this area of law.

Move to Approve “Non-Endorsement” statement and “Permission to Use” document with the caveat that any document added to the website be reviewed for consistency with NCDA and ACA guidelines made by Brian Danaher, Marsha Boettger, Motion Carries.

  1. Platform Document (Blustein) Platform put together by Research Committee. David recommends that a committee be put together to do a more thorough review of the materials. ACTION ITEM: David will review again and invite others to review as well. Recommendations will be presented to the board in October board meeting.

Credentialing Proposal (David Reile and Barbara Suddarth) David Reile and Barbara Suddarth presented a more extensive proposal about the Center for Career Development Credentialing (CCDC) which has been started in collaboration with the Pennsylvania State University’s Center for Career Development and Public Policy.  This new Center was established following the recommendation of the Credentialing Task Force back in 2007.  David and Barbara reviewed the current status of credentialing for our field and the need for competencies and standards beyond GCDF.  They propose a hierarchy of credentials including an entry level credential similar to the GCDF, as well as higher level credentials to address MCCs, MCDPs, and NCDA’s new curriculum for Career Development Supervisors.  They seek endorsement and support from NCDA and offer long-term collaboration.   After their presentation, discussion continued.  A straw vote was taken and the general consensus was unanimous support from the board.  Pennington will seek feedback from both the Professional Standards and CDF Advisory Council before an official vote is taken.  The board is supportive of the higher level credentials; the board wants to be careful to protect the brand and success of the CDF program and curriculum.  After gaining feedback, the board will revisit this proposal for an official vote.  Butler may call an e-vote once more research is done.

  1. Additional Agenda Item: Government Relations Update- Stephanie Vance will be at the conference and is presenting at a variety of meetings. Our main contact with the organization is one of Stephanie’s colleague, Katie.



  1. Plans for FY 2011-12

    1. Planning Calendar

    2. Scheduled Board Meetings Some discussion about having board meeting separate from ACA (which will be very expensive). There is some concern about the implications to our relationship with ACA. ACTION ITEM: Deb, Deneen, and Cheri will discuss the implications and come up with a plan to reach out to ACA to discuss mutual expectations.

    3. Policy and Procedures Manual

    4. Transition

  2. Meltwater AgreementAppendix G 5,000 fee for general, online service. Does not include enhancement like streaming article updates for the website. There will be some human resources needed to actually take advantage of the service. We may be able to piggy back on ACA’s subscription for the time being to see how much we actually use. Setting up a Google search may serve many of the same basic goals. Is this the right time for this type of service given other monetary commitments? There are also other services available that may do the same thing. We decided to table this discussion for the time being and discuss again in October. May be good to bring up the utilization of this service through ACA Governing Council. ACTION ITEM: Pat will askthat this be added to the agenda for the ACA Governing Council meeting.

10B. Discussion led to a secondary piece about the lack of time for the NCDA board to meet during the ACA Conference; it is suggested that we host a face-to-face board meeting in connection with the proposed mini-conference in South Carolina in lieu of the ACA Conference.  ACTION ITEM:Pennington and Osborn to discuss and present alternatives at a future board meeting. 

Additional Agenda Items:

  1. 2011-2013 Career Development Quarterly Editorial Board Members

Motion to accept Van Esbroeck, Bikos, Hartung, Major, and Packard as members of the CDQ Editorial Board beginning October 1, 2011 – September 20, 2013 made by: Skip Niles

Seconded by: David Blustein

Motion Carries

  1. WIA Language Discussion Scott Solberg has asked for our support with a project. It was determined that it is more appropriate for this to go through the Government Relations committee. ACTION ITEM: Deneen will forward to Government Relations chair.

  2. Ad Hoc Committee for Technology Tristana Harvey has agree to chair and Paul Timmons will be NCDA Board liaison. First task will be creating a statement of purpose. Motion to create Ad Hoc Committee for Technology made by Rebecca Dedmond, second by Pat Schwallie-Giddis, motion carries.

  3. ACA Sessions 2012 Deb solicited volunteers to present on behalf of NCDA at the ACA conference next spring in San Francisco. Presenters will include Cheri Butler, Rebecca Dedmond, Pat Schwallie-Giddis, Skip Niles, and Lisa Severy. Deb is working on getting one more poster session presenter.


Motion to Adjourn at 12:42 pm made by: Marsha Boettger

Seconded by: David Blustein

Motion Carries


VISITORS after conclusion of business items

  • Drs. Chadha and Khurana – India Career Development Association

  • Ahmed Mostafa – Egypt Career Development Association

  • Visitors from Peru (with Alberto) Dr. Jorge Arturo Benites, CONAFU (and Betty, his wife) Mr. Luis Felipe Alvarado Universidad Privada Del Norte