Occupational Trends New NCDA Resource

By Charles Lehman and Melanie Reinersman

“Occupational Trends” are now posted under Resources on the NCDA website. These briefs identify articles of national significance from reliable sources that can be accessed for further information. All briefs are around 50 words, making it easy for practitioners and job seekers to gain current information in a short space of time. One brief appears on the Resources right sidebar and changes to a new brief every time the Resources page is loaded again. Therefore, visitors can see a different brief each time. To see all the briefs all at once, just click on “View More” for the whole list to appear.


Each trend is researched and documented with a link to the original source. Examples of trends include ongoing worker shortages, employment projections, worker satisfaction, and career changes related to specific populations. While NCDA does not guarantee these briefs, our intent is provide accurate and helpful information so that it is easy to stay current with the trends. New trends will be posted weekly and previous trends will stay archived for six months.


Please tweet these trends or use other social media to promote this new resource. State career development associations are encouraged to showcase this new resource to their members and link to the Occupational Trends page on their state website.


Members are invited to submit briefs to be included in “Occupational Trends”. Use the online Submission Form and be sure to include the web address for more information. For submission questions, contact Charles Lehman 


NCDA is proud to offer valuable resources such as “Occupational Trends” to all those in the field of career development. To learn about more NCDA resources, view the “Website Tutorial”.





Charles LehmanCharles Lehman runs an economic consulting company in Albuquerque, NM. He retired from the New Mexico Department of Labor where he worked on labor market information and supervised state wide implementation of the Workforce Investment Act. He is a charter member of the New Mexico Career Development Association. He may be contacted at CLehman@nm.net.

Melanie Reinersman 2013Melanie Reinersman is the NCDA website and web magazine editor. She received her master's degree in Educational Psychology (with an emphasis on career counseling) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She can be reached at webeditor@ncda.org or on Twitter @NCDAwebeditor.


Michelle Beese on Monday 04/01/2013 at 07:35PM wrote:

What a great resource for all of us with busy schedules! Thanks for adding such a useful time saver!

Lisa Raufman on Wednesday 04/10/2013 at 03:33PM wrote:

Thank you for bringing these "professional summaries" to the field. These are a very useful and welcomed addition to NCDA resources.

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