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Group Career Counseling: Practices and Principles, 2nd edition

Author/Editor: K. Richard Pyle and Seth C.W. Hayden

Year: 2007

NCDA Monograph.

Group Career Counseling can be used by any professional counselor who wants to utilize group counseling principles and skills to help individuals with their career decision making and/or group counseling class for students who want to gain insight and understanding of this unique counseling intervention. Since one part of the book includes details about a structured group career counseling approach the book can be utilized as a guide/reference by both professional and paraprofessional career counselors to actually deliver a program.

The author has been utilizing group career counseling as a primary intervention in his professional work since 1979. His experience has led him to the following conclusions which validate the concept and approach the author has developed:

  • Over a 1,000 students, clients and individuals have engaged in group career counseling under the author's leadership. They have been overwhelmingly positive about their experience and the value of group career counseling as a meaningful approach in assisting them with their career direction and decision making.
  • With over 200 professional counselors trained in the authors approach to group career counseling via workshops, professional development institutes and learning institutes the author has received considerable scrutiny from his peers. The evaluations have all been very positive with unanimity to the efficacy to the author concepts and approach to group counseling.


Category: Coaching/Consultation/Performance Improvement
Category: Individual/Group Counseling and Facilitating Skills
Category: Career Development Theory and Models

Category:Program Planning/Promotion/Management/Implementation

Work Settings: Non-Profit
Work Settings: Post Secondary
Work Settings: Independent/Private Practice
Work Settings: K-12 and Parents
Work Settings: Governmental 

Mfr#: ISBN: 978-1-885333-52-0

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