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Research Shows Effectiveness of Life-Story Writing For Career Change

By George Dutch

Research on career change outcomes from life-story writing can assist educators and practitioners to help individuals construct “new” career identities that increase their motivation to act effectively in a volatile economy where career change (as distinguished from job change) is an inevitable reality for increasing numbers of individuals.

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Generating Graduate Student Interest in Career Counseling

By David Dietrich

Career counseling is one of the eight common core curricular areas outlined by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP). Despite this stated importance within the discipline, counseling programs often treat career counseling as an afterthought. This article outlines some basic strategies to overcome this tendency, and to increase student interest in career counseling.

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The Role of Values in Careers

Book Review By Melanie Reinersman

Whether conscious or unconscious, values are a “powerful motivator of human behavior” (p. 245). Using this book, anyone in the field of career development should feel encouraged and empowered to undertake a thorough exploration of the concept of values.

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“Typical” Tuesday: A Career in Counseling

By Nicole M. Arcuri

This article discusses how each and every day as a counselor within a school system as well as in the mental health field is unpredictable and requires counselor flexibility. It is intended to provide master level students with an idea of what to expect when they enter the field.

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Collaboration is Key to Successful Career Development

By Kim Hebel

Career guidance is a field that is both broad and deep. Collaboration, therefore, is key to making sure all students and clients are career savvy. All helping professionals have a role to play in providing career guidance. This article explores the role of Career Development Facilitators in collaboration efforts.

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Career Development Practice in Canada: Perspectives, Principles, and Professionalism

Book Review by Marc Verhoeve

This text effectively provides the answer to the career practitioner’s questions: “How did we get here?” and “Where are we going?” While this book is an overview of the history and issues in career development in the Canada, it is a must-read for all active career practitioners and students.

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Career Theory and Procedures: An Online Teaching Approach

By Zachary Pietrantoni & Joseph A. Campbell

The purpose of this article is to outline an online teaching format for career theory. The authors will discuss how they developed and implemented an online career theory course. The authors will conclude with suggestions for future replication of the online career theory course.

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Graduate Career Courses: Engaging Students

By Vanessa B. Teixeira

This article focuses on how counselor educators can better engage counseling students in a graduate level career counseling course. Keeping students engaged is critical to their learning. Counselor educators support students and the field by providing students with material that is educational, didactic and enlightening, but also engaging.

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Commitments and Practices for Thriving in the Changing World of Work

By Mark Guterman

As the world of work continues to change profoundly, there are six key “commitments and practices” that career development professionals need to build into their work with students and clients. This article describes each of the six in detail and offers thoughts and ideas on how to make them and integral part of how we do our work. [Eds. Note: This article originally appeared here in August 2011. It is being repeated in celebration of Career Convergence's All Conference issue. See NCDA NEWS for more details.]

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The Career Counseling Casebook

Book Review By Stephanie Tursic Burns

The Career Counseling Casebook 2nd Edition includes 41 cases organized by lifespan development stages from the first case with a nine year old boy to the last case with a retired couple. Every case engages the reader to increase their knowledge and application of career development skills to assist growth.

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Welcome to Our New Department!

By Chad Luke

This article is an introduction to the new Counselor Educators and Researchers department at Career Convergence. It discusses the rationale for the new department, describes what readers can expect from the department, and invites submissions.

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Counselor Educators & Researchers

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