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Taking Responsibility for Your Own Professional Career Development

By Xue Lee

When it comes to individual career development in today’s busy world, sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of one’s ultimate career and professional goals and instead focus too heavily on organization objectives. Learning from other successful leaders who are well accomplished in their careers can inspire and motivate us to take charge of our own career development. Included are eight career game changer tips to stimulate reflection and action.

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When Asian Women Consider Career Options...

By Cheri Butler

When Asian women consider career options, they face many of the issues women everywhere face. However, the high value placed on collective social needs in Asian cultures makes these issues feel a bit different. Also, there are subtle differences among Asian countries in the way the issues impact their choices.

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In Defense of The Freedom to Work: A Book Review of The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Working

Book Review by Peter McIlveen

The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Working is a magnificent resource for career development counselors and specialists. Professor David Blustein and his colleagues have produced an opus so rich in deep thinking that it will leave readers informed and transformed.Complete Article >

Advancing Life Design as a New Paradigm for Career Counseling and Development

Book Review by Sara Santilli

The Handbook of Life Design provides a new paradigm for career counseling and development, offers a theoretical framework and guidelines for scholars, and suggests career counseling activities that can be used as guiding tools for career practitioners.

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Job Skills and LinkedIn: Where's the Connection?

By Mike Parchinski

Industry-related LinkedIn groups can provide important information about the correct work skills required for a specific job. This article describes the author’s use of LinkedIn as part of a job search to indirectly interact with people currently working in a specific industry. The purpose is to show how a job seeker, particularly a college graduate, can follow a similar LinkedIn approach to obtain valuable information necessary for conducting a productive job search.

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Clinical Supervision of Career Development Practitioners: Practical Strategies

Book Review by Emily Kennelly

Clinical Supervision of Career Development Practitioners: Practical Strategies will enrich your understanding, awareness, and competencies related to the direct supervision of career practitioners. This book review provides a comprehensive summary of the monograph and highlights specific resources relevant to professionals at various levels.Complete Article >

A Healthy Lifestyle Increases Career Success

By Nancy J. Miller

If you knew that practicing a healthy lifestyle would improve your chances of getting a job, help you work better, and increase your career success, would you exercise and eat more vegetables? A healthy lifestyle is an important part of successful career development.

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Mentoring and Socialization for New Career Development Professionals: 5 Steps for Success

By Amanda Williams

Mentoring relationships can provide a variety of benefits to help new professionals acclimate into the career development industry. This article discusses five suggested steps for how to implement and structure a successful mentoring program in your own organization.

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30 Tips for New Career Counselors

By Maureen Nelson

Read on to discover what a graduate student nearing graduation learned in a nine-month career center internship about the counseling environment, working with clients, collaborating with colleagues, and developing her own skills. A mixture of age-old wisdom and fresh insights that any career counselor can enjoy and benefit from! [Eds. Note: This article originally appeared here in December 2007. It is being repeated in celebration of Career Convergence's All Conference issue. See NCDA NEWS for more details.]

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The Second Machine Age

Book Review by Charles Lehman

This well researched and wide-ranging book argues that accelerating automation will result in a second major transformation of society as great as the Industrial Revolution. The authors explain the processes well underway and the impacts on workers and work itself. They provide policy recommendations to handle the forthcoming challenges.

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Career and Chronic Illness

By Beth Lulgjuraj

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness is a life-altering event. Once diagnosed, career decisions can become overwhelming. Suggestions follow on how to help clients make more informed career decisions and find work-life balance.

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Help Clients Change Careers -- Retool Their Career “Story”

By Alexandra White

With a simple two-part technique, help clients seeking a career change to distill their work experience into a meaningful “story” to align it to a new position, even one in a new industry. Part 1 helps client mine their past experience to align it with the job skills a company is seeking, while Part 2 helps clients practice storytelling through a mock interview.

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A Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments

Book Review by Shengli Dong & Alia Warner

A counselor educator and a graduate student review and comment on one of NCDA’s newest publications. Read about the strengths of this comprehensive document and learn why the authors recommend this updated edition for counseling students and seasoned practitioners alike.

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Tips & Tools for Introverted Networkers

By Eryn Loney

When working with introverted clients, it can often be challenging to help them implement the more extraverted job-hunting activities. If we can offer a toolbox of helpful tools and tips, we can equip them with the necessary arsenal to bravely face the world and network with pride and confidence.

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The Time Between Dreams

Book Review by Lourdes Rivera

In order to navigate uncertainty in life, we must stop, slow down, and listen to ourselves for we are the only one’s who can uncover the answers that we seek. This book can be effectively used by career development practitioners or anyone seeking to create a more meaningful and satisfying life.

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First Jobs: Graduate Student to Young Professional

By Greg Rosenberg, Leigh Eskin, & Rebecca Hale

You finished your graduate program and landed your first job as a young professional. Now what? This article reflects on the personal experiences of three recent graduates as they transition from graduate school to the workforce.

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Out with the Old, In with the New: Career Development for the 21st Century

By Jacqueline Dernek

The world is changing at a rate unlike any other time in history. This is creating quite the dilemma in the world of work. The time has come to shift the way we think about how we deliver career development services and more broadly how we think about career.

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First Job Teaches Lifelong Skills

by Bettye Thomas-Gilkey

Reflecting on humble employment beginnings, as young as age five, Ms Thomas-Gilkey reveals the values and skills that equip her to be an effective career counselor today. In honor of NCDA's 100th anniversary, Career Convergence is publishing articles of historical significance. This month, our web magazine is reprinting articles from our debut issue in 2003.

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How Remarkable Women Lead

Book Review by Elyssa H. Barbash

The following book review provides a summary and critical analysis of the manuscript "How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life", which is an inspirational guidebook written specifically for women seeking to become leaders in the workforce as well as those seeking holistic fulfillment in life.

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Career Counseling in South Korea: A Synopsis of an Emerging Profession

By Ike Koh and Vera Chapman

Continuing in a series of articles comparing and contrasting career development in the US with other nations, this article provides an overview of career counseling in South Korea, a new field which was introduced in 1998.

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Learning Outcomes Assessment Step-by-Step: Enhancing Evidence-Based Practice in Career Services

Book Review By Joy Evans and Phyllis N. Weatherly

Learning outcomes assessment is a hot topic within career development, particularly in higher education. The following book review explores a recent NCDA monograph on this important topic, including a detailed description of its content and key takeaways for all readers across niche areas.

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The Internet: A Tool for Career Planning (3rd ED.)

Book Review By Bonita McClain Vinson

The Internet can be an effective tool for career services professionals, and The Internet: A Tool for Career Planning (3rd ED.) can show practitioners how. This article provides a complete review of the latest edition of the book--recommending this book be added to every practitioner’s desk reference library.

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Beyond Luck: A Planned Happenstance Approach to Supervision

By David Youhess

Effective supervision for graduate students can be linked not only to higher productivity, but perhaps to greater eventual career attainment as well. By explicating his recent transition to full-time career counselor in relation to John Krumboltz’s Planned Happenstance Theory, the author suggests how supervisors may use the theory as a framework for guiding supervisees to develop into tomorrow’s career counselors.

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Book Review: Career and Caregiving

By: Mary-Catherine McClain

This article provides a brief review of Sally Gelardin’s (2009) monograph Career and Caregiving: Empowering the Shadow Workforce of Family Caregivers. After describing its content and organization, this review focuses on the strengths of the monograph—specifically noting various interventions and tools career practitioners can utilize when working with this population. Finally, suggestions for future research and related resources are provided.

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The First Year Graduate Student Experience at Florida State University

By Leigh Eskin

Choosing to go to graduate school is an important decision. This article provides in-depth information and suggestions from a first year career counseling graduate student at Florida State University. Get an inside view into the experience of being a graduate student at one of the top career centers in the nation.

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The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job

Book Review by: Cori Shaff

With a volatile job market and discouraging unemployment, the newest book by MacDougall and Sanders-Park is a must read! Through this thoughtful and innovative resource, career development professionals will gain insight into non-traditional job search strategies, as well as new ideas to motivate and positively impact clients.

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A Counselor’s Advice to Counselors: A Conversation with Marty Nemko, Part 2

By Maureen P. Nelson

Continuing our talk with the author of Cool Careers for Dummies, we find out what Marty Nemko uses instead of a traditional career guidance approach, learn the “three-minute career makeover” techniques he utilizes on his radio show, and where he thinks career counselors can add real value.

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Counseling Job-Seekers Facing “PLAN B”

By Robert White

Today’s job market forces many job-seekers to abandon their hopes for their dream job – or even an “okay” job, and instead accept positions which are “just good enough for now”. How can career development professionals help them? How do we as counselors deal with our own sense of disappointment or failure when this happens? Following are some anecdotes and “lessons learned” based on actual clients and their stories.

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Legendary Parachute Author Dick Bolles Teams With Son On E-Version

By Willa Smith

Combine the practical, proven sage career advice of Dick Bolles with the technical savvy of son Gary Bolles and what do you get? E-Parachute! Learn more about Dick’s latest project as well as his views on the art of the aging process by keeping your interests alive and your horizons broadened.

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Cool Careers in any Economy: A Conversation with Marty Nemko

By Maureen Nelson

Find out from one of career development's most fearless pundits and avid trend watchers how today's global megatrends are affecting the job market. First of a multi-part interview with the popular speaker, blogger, radio host and author of Cool Careers for Dummies.

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The Career Counselor's Handbook

Book Review by Hope Deighton and Kyung Hee Kim

Whether you are an experienced career counselor looking for a comprehensive handbook to rejuvenate your passion for what you do, or a novice seeking entry into the field or looking for more information to help your clients, this is the book for you! Read our review of The Career Counselor’s Handbook by Figler & Bolles.

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Disability Awareness: Our Responsibility as Counselors to Educate the Community at Large

By Jill D. Flansburg

This article appends the Hall & Parker (2010) study which found that persons with disabilities encounter more barriers to employment and accessing services in public employment offices than persons without disabilities. The author’s experience in vocational rehabilitation, career counseling and development of disability awareness programs for businesses prompts an outline of workshop content. Career counselors are encouraged to act on a grassroots level to educate their community about disability awareness.

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A Day in the Life of an Eccentric Career Architect

By Ebony Tara Scurry

Helping eccentric and alternative clients achieve their goals takes strategies that are not covered in the average career coaching handbook. “The Career Architect”, an eccentric career practitioner, gives you a glimpse into her approach towards serving eccentric populations.

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Handbook of Career Studies

Book Review by Elayne Chou

Looking to broaden your theoretical perspective as it applies to your daily work? Or perhaps you seek a basic refresher on leading career development research and theory? Then be sure to read this review of the Handbook of Career Studies, or consider picking it up for your own perusal.

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Leadership Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

By Danielle Gruen

If you or your clients have ever thought that you wanted to be a leader but hindered yourself in some way, then consider the idea that leadership is in you already and you only need a starting point. If you possess fresh ideas, forward ways of thinking, and some basic leadership skills, you are ready.

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Book Review: A Job Search Manual for Counselors and Counselor Educators

Book Review by Jake Galles

Currently involved in a job search or preparing for a career shift? Then consider reading the American Counseling Association’s new book, A Job Search Manual for Counselors and Counselor Educators.

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Manifesting a Champion Mind

By Danielle Gruen

It is more important than ever for career professionals to find ways to instill hope, foster creative thought, and maintain a positive outlook in both ourselves and our clients. It is in the mindset of the athlete, the "Champion Mind", where how to do this is understood and unveiled.

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What Is a Sawmill Without a Forest?

By Sally Gelardin

The upcoming NCDA conference in San Francisco will feature a full-day Professional Development Institute on Tuesday, June 29, sponsored by the California Career Development Association, in which speakers will address sustainable careers, how we can care for our environment, and specifically how career practitioners and educators can participate in this growing movement.

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Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person

Book Review by Rachel A. Klein

As counselors and coaches we have all encountered clients who seem to be dramatically more susceptible to daily workplace frustrations than the average employee. This book offers targeted tools for working with these "highly sensitive" clients, yet ultimately offers salient advice for us all.

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My First Job: Employment Specialist at Goodwill

By Maureen Nelson

Reminiscing about her first job at Goodwill, her first experiences counseling ex-offenders and her first opportunity to teach a class of workforce development professionals, the author shares the six lessons she learned about working at non-profits. Once again it shows how a first post-grad job opens up a whole new world.

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Exploring the Concept of "Slow Career"

By Sally Gelardin

The holidays can be a time to slow down and reflect on how we are doing in work and life. It's a good time to explore "slow career" -- working and making lifework transitions in a conscious and sustainable way - for body and soul.

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Serendipitous Moments - More Than Just Chance

By Danielle Gruen

Each and every day, potentially opportune encounters take place in a person's life. These moments are not always capitalized on, especially in times of stress or turmoil. This article discusses why this happens for many people, and how to increase the chance of turning serendipity into opportunity.

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Designing and Implementing Career Programs

Book Review By Hunter Alessi

This handbook describes a process for designing, implementing, and evaluating career services programs. The intended audience includes those who wish to change existing services, as well as those who are initiating a service center or program within a business or school. It is a comprehensive resource that can be used as a reference manual or as a precise and directive guide for the development or redesign of a career program.

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Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future

Book Review By Melissa Venable

The term "Going Green" now relates to careers! This timely book outlines the many opportunities available for anyone interested in sustainability and the environment. The review provides an introduction to the career profiles, informational interviews, and resources provided by Cassio and Rush in their new book.

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Find Inspiration Around You

By A. Nesrin Goker

Sources of inspiration can be found all around us everyday. This article defines an interesting perspective that can help increase creativity and help motivate our clients out of a career rut.

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Who’s Your City?

Book Review by Laura Neidert

Are your students dying to move to a big city the moment they graduate? Are your clients bemoaning the lack of opportunity in their current city? Or are you a graduate student looking at relocation possibilities? This book is a valuable tool to help career decision makers understand the importance of fit between person and location, not just person and job.

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Obesity Issues and Career Counseling

By Morgan Litchfield

Despite advances in employment equality over the last 50 years, discrimination can still be a reality for many American workers, especially for obese employees. Career development practitioners may be called upon to help obese clients mitigate this potential discrimination both during the hiring process and within the workplace.

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First Jobs Kindle Careers: The Transferable Nature of Skills Developed From First Jobs

By Craig Harrison

Long before they became a famous stockbroker and the successful clothier, they were simply a farm laborer and a newsboy. Can the seeds to success, be found in first jobs? Use the Rules of Transference to help your clients achieve their goals.

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Odd Jobs: What Someone Could Have Told Me

By Abigail R. Gehring

Designing a successful career doesn't always involve business suits, formal resumes or professional networking. Even odd jobs and perceived low-skill positions can provide a foundation for career success and happiness. Gehring describes how her earliest and oddest jobs laid the groundwork for a unique definition of career satisfaction and success.

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The Seasonal Rhythm of Career Decision-Making

By Sally Gelardin

As we help our clients progress in their career development, it is equally important to assess and evaluate our own career progression. As summer winds down and fall approaches, this is a perfect time for self-evaluation and future goal setting. This article discusses the cyclical, year round nature of career development, and provides career practitioners with tangible and helpful tools to aid in self-assessment and self-care.

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Advances in Technology and Passage of Civil Rights Laws Help a Deaf Professional Succeed

By J. Rod MacInnes

Over the past 25 years, advances in technology and the passage of civil rights laws for persons with disabilities make possible for a deaf person like me to more fully participate in the American society and therefore climb up the career ladder despite communication challenges. I hope my telling about my own experiences will show how far America has progressed and is still progressing in providing opportunities.

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Revitalize Your Style: Spring Cleaning for Counselors

By Sarah M. Backes-Diaz

Interested in revitalizing your counseling approach? Bored with the same intake questions, assessments, and standard interventions? Unsure whether or not your approach fits the needs and preferences of your clients? Then perhaps its time to clean out and upgrade your counseling tool box!

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A Day in the Life of a High School Counselor: Painting the Picture of Adolescent Career Development

By Sarah A. Lopienski

As a high school counselor, one of my jobs is developing career awareness. All the literature, combined with practical experience, points out that adolescence is an important time for students to begin making career decisions. But, it appears to me that students have different issues: complete boredom, confusion, or definite uncertainty.

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Life as a New Professional

by Brian M. Montalvo

When transitioning from graduate school to the world-of-work, many things are overlooked. Graduate students who read this article can get a better sense of what actually happens when you begin to work full-time. You'll also receive helpful ideas you can do while you're still in graduate school to make the transition easier.

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Career Counselors as Forensic Experts

by Michael Shahnasarian

Qualified career counselors, retained in litigation as expert witnesses, can offer analyses that facilitate just resolution of disputes. This article describes the types of disputes in which career counselors; insights are germane and outlines processes to conduct earning capacity assessments. Career counselors are cautioned about the perils of expert witness consulting: opposing lawyer deception, manipulation, and bullying - the antithesis of counselor training and raison de etre - are the rule of the day in forensic settings.

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Responding "In Place" to Katrina

by Geri Miller

Many counselors answered the call to assist survivors of the recent natural disasters in the Gulf states. Here is a first-person account from a colleague who volunteered and served, but not in the way that she originally envisioned. This article reveals value of "behind the scenes" action after a disaster -- insight into one person's journey at standing still.

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How I Got To Where I Am Today

by Irene Komor

As a child, I had no idea what it was I wanted to do as a grown-up. Nonetheless, I made my way with moderate success through public school and grew up despite myself. All along, I looked for meaning in life and enjoyed on-going learning and novel experiences. Today, my job as a Career Counselor at an Ivy League University requires the knowledge I gained through a wide range of jobs in a variety of settings.

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Career Counseling for Career Counselors?

by William H. Waldorf and Kim H. Tay

As career professionals, many of us assume we are (or should be) immune to shifts in career direction ourselves. This article points to theoretical, practical and professional reasons why this need not be the case. Rather, it argues that all of us in the career profession (counselors, consultants, coaches) might seek career counseling ourselves.

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Life As The First and Only

by Vickie Cox Edmondson

People of color and women are often encouraged to pursue careers that are dominated by people who don't look like them. In this paper, I offer examples from my life that reveal some of the potential obstacles that people of color and women face when they are underrepresented in their career choice or workplace. Additionally, I offer four key points that career development professionals can do to encourage these pioneers.

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A Day in the Life of a Delegate

by Amy Benedict-Augustine

Eleven days in the life of this counselor were spent in China as a delegate with the People to People Ambassador program. All counselors should accept invitations to participate in unique professional development activities.

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A Day in the Life of a Career Materials Developer

by Marilyn Maze

A Career Materials Developer describes how she develops computerized career planning materials utilizing knowledge of career counseling with skills in data analysis, labor market analysis, and computer program design. The tasks involve identifying the most relevant career information, arranging that information to be useful to clients, and determining how a computer can make life easier for clients who need that information.

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Career Practitioner as Distance Educator: A Personal Perspective

by Sally Gelardin

This article explains, through the author's personal perspective, how career professionals can learn through distant delivery systems, and why they should include distant education in their practice.

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"A Day in the Life" of a Career Counselor at a US-accredited University Abroad

by Danielle Savage

This first person account of the work of a Career Counselor at The American University of Paris gives insight into the similarities and differences of the profession worldwide. A description of her career path also reveals future options for current students.

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Becoming a Teleclass Leader

by Joanne Waldman

A "Day in the Life" of this Master Career Counselor involves the telephone. Most counselors would be pleasantly surprised to learn how exciting and effective this line of work can be!

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A Recent Grad's Journey to Success

by Deborah Rentler

When does a student determine what career to pursue? What does a real career pathway look like? Can the valuable hours of planning, evaluating, and preparing really pay off? This career counselor shares her story and hopes other students will succeed also.

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I Did Not Want My First Job

by Donna Vinton

Donna Vinton would have turned down her first assignment in the career development field, if she could have. Teaching a course that involved resumes, cover letters, and application blanks seemed to have little to do with what drew her to her job as a high school English teacher. Now, she loves the field of career development and wouldn't choose to do anything else.

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Career Counseling by Default

By Dottie Dickson Skipper

Career counseling has the potential to become part of the treatment plan for nearly every area of counseling. Therefore, all counselors should plan to include it in the course of treatment, and be prepared and trained to provide career counseling.

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A Day in the Life of a Career Advisor

by Dolores Naney

Those entering the field of career counseling find that it can provide a satisfying professional experience that often exceeds typical business parameters. It offers the opportunity to have a one-on-one impact on an individual's life. Sue Leonard talks about her career counseling responsibilities in the Indianapolis office of Bernard Haldane, the national career management company. She explains how her previous experience, training and counseling skills help her serve clients.

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