Becoming an Instructor

Levels of the NCDA Career Development Facilitator Training Program

  1. Career Development Facilitator Training
  2. Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) Certification
  3. NCDA Career Development Facilitator Instructor/eLearning Specialty
  4. NCDA Career Development Facilitator Master Trainer


Career Development Facilitator Training

  • Training provides individuals with relevant skills and knowledge to assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work.
  • Certification is not required to perform services as a Career Development Facilitator but certification is highly recommended.


GCDF® (Global Career Development Facilitator) Certification

  • Certification is issued by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE).   CDF is a registered certification mark exclusively owned and controlled by CCE.  CCE does not sponsor, and it not affiliated with, any activities performed, or programs administered, by the NCDA.
  • Upon successful completion of an NCDA Training Program, one may apply for certiricaiton through CCE.
  • Certification is based on the individual participating in a CCE approved training.  Individual must also meet education and experience requirements as indicated on CCE’s GCDF application (
  • Certification is limited to those participants who attend training from a certified instructor.
  • Certification is for 5 years with recertification requirements of continuing education.
  • There is an annual maintenance fee to maintain GCDF certification.
  • Trainings are provided through, but not limited to, Universities, Colleges, Government Agencies, and Private Providers.


NCDA Instructor/eLearning Specialty

  • Selected through an application process.  Selection is based on education, experience, adult training abilities, and commitment.
  • Applicants must meet minimum qualifications as indicated on NCDA website.
  • Instructors must successfully complete an Instructor Certification Workshop given by a certified NCDA Master Trainer to become instructor certified.
  • Certification is provided through NCDA upon successful completion of the training.
  • To maintain your NCDA Career Development Facilitator instructor certification you must either join the NCDA Instructor Registry, or maintain a GCDF Certification through CCE, or be on an equivalent registry requiring a master’s degree in counseling with study in career development.

The NCDA Registry offers:

  • Advertisement of Career Development Facilitator classes on the NCDA Website
  • Automatic receipt of updates to curriculum
  • Your name appears on the registry as a nationally certified instructor
  • You will receive notifications of any updates or changes to rules and notification of upcoming available trainings and conferences
  • For students of the certified instructor to be eligible for the GCDF certification, the Career Development Facilitator training must total 120 hours.  These hours can be a combination of 80 hours of classroom training and 40 hours of homework and outside activities


NCDA Career Development Facilitator Master Trainer

  • Master Trainers are current Career Development Facilitator Instructors selected through an application process.  Selection is based on regional location, commitment, and instructor experience.
  • Training is scheduled on an “as needed” basis.  Training is planned fall of 2014. Please visit the Training Calendar for complete application forms. 
  • NCDA will notify everyone on the NCDA Instructor Registry about future training.
  • There are currently 37 NCDA Master Trainers throughout the United States.
  • Certification is for teaching NCDA Career Development Facilitator Instructors.
  • NCDA offers a Master Trainer registry and a training calendar on the website to assist in recruitment of new NCDA Career Development Facilitator Instructors.


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