Hiring a PA – Process and Paperwork

Verify that the PA has a valid Ohio license and the optional Certificate to Prescribe under “Profile and Status” on the Medical Board website. Also located on the Medical Board website are the forms and instructions that need to be filed and approved before employment can begin.

Supervision Agreement

Required of all PAs and supervising physicians. This agreement states that the PA is agreeing to be supervised by the physician and that the physician agrees to supervise the PA. A physician can have supervisory agreements with an unlimited number of PAs but the physician can only supervise up to two PAs at one time.

Physician Supervisory Plan

Required for all non-health care facility practice settings (not required in hospitals). The plan outlines how the supervising physician will utilize the PA in the practice setting.

Alternate Supervising Physician

Required when the supervising physician will be more than 60 minutes away (on vacation, for example).

Special Services Plan

Only required if a physician wants to delegate a procedure to a PA that is not listed in the Ohio Revised Code Section 4730. The Plan will be reviewed by the PA Policy Committee that will make a recommendation to the Physician Assistant Committee for subsequent recommendation to the Ohio State Medical Board. This process can be very time consuming and not all Plans are approved by the Board.

Quality Assurance Information